Jo Dee Messina Sings About God’s Love in New Single “Reckless Love” [Listen]

Jo Dee Messina Reckless love new single

Jo Dee Messina has announced the release of her new single, “Reckless Love.” The new tune is a message about God, a relationship that Jo Dee found strengthened during her battle with Cancer. “I started a relationship with the Lord five years ago, six years ago. And it was like he made himself very well-known … Read more

Jo Dee Messina Diagnosed With Cancer

Jo Dee Messina and her team have announced that the “Lesson in Leavin’” singer has been diagnosed with cancer. While they don’t share the location or stage of the cancer, they explain that it has been a trying time for her. Her last tour date will be October 7 and all further dates are postponed, … Read more

16 Songs Every ’90s Girl Still Sings in the Shower

Maybe it’s just nostalgia, but I consider the ’90s to be a renaissance in country music. Yes, I recognize that I was coming of age during this time, but it gave birth to some of the best female country singers (and songs) in the history of the genre. These women were singing songs that spoke … Read more

10 Country Songs for a Rainy Day

Rainy days are controversial things. Some people love them, some people hate them. And, of course, too many of them in a row can cause problems. While any farmer will tell you that too few of them can starve a man. Rain has long been a topic in country music. Many songs have tackled the … Read more