Should John Mayer’s “In The Blood” Be Played on Country Radio? (Probably Not, But Who Cares?)

Barely a year removed from the infamous did Beyonce go country debate, country music and its fans have a new question to answer– should John Mayer’s “In The Blood” be played on country radio? As a country music advocate and connoisseur my first answer is a hard no. As a person who kind of understands … Read more

John Mayer Says His New Song is About Katy Perry, So Obviously You Need to Hear It

John Mayer is going to go down in history as two things– the guitar legend of his generation and the guy who said all that weird stuff about his former girlfriends to Playboy and Rolling Stone. He has seven GRAMMYs and has dated just as many famous people as Taylor Swift– including Taylor Swift. So, … Read more

You Have to See John Mayer Fake-Out the “Jimmy Kimmel” Crowd with His “Hank the Hawk Knutley” Disguise

John Mayer gave the “Jimmy Kimmel” crowd quite a surprise last night when he posed as a man called “Hank the Hawk Knutley.” During the show, John sat in with the house band, while disguised as a washed-up rock star, decked out in a bandana, fake beard and latex beer belly. LOL. via GIPHY Throughout … Read more

7 CMT “Crossroads” Performances That’ll Make You Real Thankful for Music

Music is really cool. It’s one of those things in life that can bring all different types of people together and unite them in ways they didn’t know possible. CMT’s “Crossroads” is a great example of music reaching across boundaries and people types for the common love of– music. 7 CMT “Crossroads” Performances That’ll Make … Read more

Jake Owen Seduces With a Cover of John Mayer’s “Comfortable”

Hot dog! Jake Owen stopped by the Bobby Bones Show and pulled out his guitar. While performing one his own songs is an easy way to make the ladies weak in the knees, Jake pulled off a very nice surprise. He covered John Mayer‘s “Comfortable,” a sweet song about missing one’s ex. Jake might’ve joked … Read more

John Mayer Just Dropped $100 on Pokemon Go (What a Time To Be Alive)

If you’ve been on the internet (or just part of the living breathing world) over the past week, you’ve probably noticed that Pokemon Go is quite literally taking over the world. The Nintendo-created game has been wildly popular ever since its released in the mid 1990s, but the new smart phone version has taken the … Read more

10 Times John Mayer Was Totally Country

John Mayer is a guitar virtuoso and musical prodigy. By 2011, he had already mastered pop, blues, and folk and had a handful of GRAMMY Awards to prove his skills. In 2012, he moved to Montana and began writing and recording country(ish) music. Though he’s currently doing his thing with the Grateful Dead, there were … Read more