6 Best Fake Songs from TV Shows That Should’ve Been Mega-Hits

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21 Things Our Favorite Celebrities Should Vow to Do in 2017

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49 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of 2016​

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49 Celebrities Honor 49 Victims of Orlando Shooting with Touching Tribute Video

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John Stamos, Tituss Burgess and James Corden Sing The Little Mermaid’s “Kiss the Girl”

After discussing Reggie Watts’ question of where they would fly, if given the power, John Stamos, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt” star Tituss Burgess and late night host James Corden broke out into a fun rendition of the “Little Mermaid” tune “Kiss the Girl” — and it was surprisingly good. Tituss, who is a former Broadway musical … Read more

John Stamos Finally Explained Where That “Have Mercy” Catchphrase Came From

Even if you weren’t a fan of “Full House” during its original seven-season run, you likely knew these phrases: “How rude!” and “You got it, dude!” and of course, “Have mercy!” The final being John Stamos‘ catchphrase for rockin’ uncle and resident cool guy– Uncle Jesse Katsopolis. While being at the TV Land Icon Awards, … Read more

John Stamos Shares Adorable Video of Him and the Olsen Twins Hanging Out in 1989

It’s no secret that the cast of “Full House” was, and is, as much of a family off-screen as they were on-screen. Even before the 2016 “Fuller House” reboot, the cast saw each other frequently and communicated almost on a weekly basis — as families do. Recently, via Instagram, John Stamos, who played the handsome … Read more

John Stamos Reads Scathing “Fuller House” Reviews (and It’s Insanely Hilarious)

Let’s be honest, making a spin-off show based on the beloved sitcom “Full House” was a bold, bold move. I mean, recreating a show that still plays on TV after 20 years and has an incredibly strong cult-like following, could have very easily gone wrong, but, in my opinion at least, they did an excellent job. But … Read more