This Is The $2.9 Million Kentucky Horse Farm That Johnny Depp Can’t Seem To Sell

When you think of Johnny Depp, you probably don’t imagine him living on a horse farm, right? But the actor currently owns a horse farm in Lexington, Kentucky that, at the casual price of $2.9 million, he just can’t seem to sell. According to the property’s listing, the farm sits on a 41-acre estate that … Read more

8 Crazy Things Johnny Depp Spent His Now Lost Fortune On

Vanity Fair recently explored the decades of decadent spending by Hollywood A-Lister Johnny Depp. Somehow, despite earning roughly $650 million dollars over the last two decades or so, the actor has found himself in some pretty serious financial trouble. Depp is now suing his former business managers, who are also counter suing him. But what … Read more

Universal Announces It’s New “Dark Universe” of Gods and Monsters

Welcome to the age of movie universes. DC and Marvel have created studios to bring their giant spectacular films to the silver screen, each bigger and more interconnected than the last. Long dead franchises like Star Wars, Terminator, and Alien have been revived. You can’t have a stand alone movie without the question of a … Read more

Johnny Depp Dressed Like Jack Sparrow and Surprised Fans on the ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ Ride and No One Cared

Have you been no the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland lately? Did you see Captain Jack Sparrow? No, the real Captain Jack Sparrow. It sounds like even the folks lucky enough to see Johnny Depp on the ride didn’t believe it. “The boat would come around the corner, and I’d go, ‘Hello…’ and … Read more

21 Celebrity Wax Figures That Are So Good, You’ll Think You’re Seeing Double

In my mind, human-sized, wax replicas of famous people are creepy — no matter which way you slice it. But, there’s no denying how impressive they are. Like somehow, these people perfectly replicate the body type, face shape, hair color, style and makeup of a celebrity… with wax! It blows my mind. Below are some … Read more

21 Things Our Favorite Celebrities Should Vow to Do in 2017

I don’t know about you, but I have hope for 2017 — mainly because things can’t get much worse. So, since I have my positivity goggles on and I’m looking hopefully toward the New Year, I’ve compiled a list of things that my (and probably your) favorite celebrities should do to make 2017 better. Who … Read more

17 Celebrities Who Got Their Start in Horror Films

When I look at A-list actors, I often forget where they got their start. While some like Lindsay Lohan, Morgan Freeman and Steve Carrell got their start in commercials, many celebrities got their first break on horror movie sets. So, as October is the month for scary movies, Vanity Fair has taken a look back … Read more

Johnny Depp Has Officially Perfected His Donald Trump Impression

Not too long ago, distinguished actor Johnny Depp starred in a Funny or Die film called “Donald Trump’s the Art of the Deal” where he played presidential candidate Donald Trump, and it was glorious. Although, before watching the hilarious, somewhat ridiculous comedy, I was a little skeptical about dark-haired, tan, smooth-talking Johnny becoming red-headed, orange-y, … Read more

Johnny Depp Stars in the Funniest (and Weirdest) Donald Trump Biopic You’ll Ever See

So, we need to talk about something. Funny or Die, the Emmy-winning comedy video website and TV/film production company founded by Will Ferrell, Adam McKay and Chris Henchy, has made a Donald Trump biopic and it stars Oscar-nominated actor Johnny Depp… as Trump. What is happening? Donald Trump made a 1988 TV movie based on his book ‘The … Read more