5 “Nashville” Stars Before They Played Country Music Singers

Sure, a couple of the stars of “Nashville” were big before the show, but what about small little roles they played before moving to Music City, USA? 5 “Nashville” Stars Before They Played Country Music Singers: Connie Britton // “West Wing”Sometimes, when I’m casually talking about Rayna James, I refer to her football coaching husband … Read more

Hear “Nashville” Star Jonathan Jackson’s Hauntingly Beautiful “The Coming Dawn”

If you haven’t heard “Nashville” star Jonathan Jackson sing, you are definitely missing out — he has the voice of an angel. The 33-year-old actor and singer, who got his start on the hit TV show “General Hospital” in 1996, has been perfecting the art of vocal performance for nearly 20 years now and it shows. Jonathan’s … Read more

“Nashville” Star Jonathan Jackson’s Cover of “Unchained Melody” is So Good You Might Cry

“Nashville” star and five time Emmy-winning actor Jonathan Jackson has been honing his craft of acting, singing and performing for nearly 20 years now. The 33-year-old artist had his first big break into the acting business when he joined the cast of “General Hospital” in 1996. Since then, Jackson’s acting career has taken off and … Read more

“Nashville” More Than a Television Series

Who would have ever dreamed that playing the roles of Country music superstars on the ABC hit primetime drama “Nashville” would lead to becoming real-life chart-toppers with original music escalating to the top of sales charts? Not to mention live performances to sold-out crowds in major markets? Definitely not this cast, but that’s exactly what happened! “‘Nashville’ … Read more