Cam’s Performance of “Burning House” with Josh Gallagher on “The Voice” was Flawless

You could tell Cam wasn’t trying to steal the show during her duet performance with Josh Gallagher during the finale of “The Voice,” but– she’s Cam and she totally stole the show. Looking as fierce as ever in a sparkly, crocheted jumpsuit, Cam started off side stage during “Burning House,” but eventually made her way … Read more

Josh Gallagher and Adam Levine Give Rocking, Electric Guitar-Infused Performance of Santana’s “Smooth”

During the season 11 “Voice” finals, country boy Josh Gallagher and coach Adam Levine took the stage for a rocking, electric guitar-infused performance of Santana’s “Smooth” — and it was just that. With guitars in hand, the two effortlessly owned the stage, flawlessly harmonizing and marrying their distinctly different voices. By the end, the entire … Read more

Josh Gallagher Performs His Own Song “Any Small Town” During “The Voice” Finals

Josh Gallagher debuted his original tune, “Any Small Town” during the season 11 finals of “The Voice” and you have to say this for Gallagher— he knows what country fans want. Some may call this pandering, Gallagher and Adam Levine could just call it a smart move for a TV show competition. The lyrics were … Read more

Poll: Who Do You Think Should Win “The Voice”?

As season 11 of “The Voice” comes to a close, it’s time to start preparing for the winner. While the final four, Sundance Head, We’ McDonald, Billy Gilman and Josh Gallagher, are all wildly talented and would undoubtedly carry the title well, only one can be dubbed “The Voice.” So, if the decision were up … Read more

Josh Gallagher Gets Instant Save on “The Voice” After Performance of “I Drive Your Truck”

No doubt about it, America loves a good country music song about America. Josh Gallagher, faced with elimination from season 11 of “The Voice” was forced to sing for his life and his song choice, Lee Brice’s “I Drive Your Truck” is likely what propelled him past Ali Caldwell and Christian Cuevas into finals. It’s … Read more

Josh Gallagher Does His Best Ronnie Dunn Falsetto During “My Maria” on “The Voice”

If you’re going to make it in the music industry, you gotta be willing to really go for it. Which includes willing to sing the Brooks & Dunn classic “My Maria” with Ronnie Dunn’s classic falsetto and all. Josh Gallagher attempted it during the knockout round on “The Voice” for #TeamBlake with help from special … Read more