Playlist: Perfectly Patriotic July 4th

America, America, land that I love, music that I listen to…After donning your American flag t-shirt and stocking up on appropriately American food there’s nothing more important than your playlist for the big day. If you aren’t listening to a playlist that is overly patriotic you definitely need to re-evaluate your playlist. Here’s your perfectly … Read more

4 Southern Fireworks Shows for Your Bucket List

Americans like to celebrate their sovereignty by setting off gigantic explosions. That’s how we roll in the U.S.A. Fireworks entertain millions each summer. The louder the bang, the more oohhss and aahhss. Brilliant sparkles cascading overhead, accompanied by music. Few spectacles draw the masses like 4th of July fireworks. If you’re someone scheduling July 4th … Read more

Fireworks 101

Fireworks are probably the most exciting part of the 4th of July festivities. Yes, eating something hot off the grill and maybe even some red, white & blue cake is great, but what every kid and kid-at-heart (aren’t all Southerners?) looks forward to is the big finale to the day: fireworks! But with anything so … Read more