Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban Sing at Children’s Hospital

The kids at Monash Children’s Hospital in Australia got a special treat yesterday when Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman showed up for a visit. What was not expected: An impromptu concert / sing-along with patients and staff. Who knew Nicole had such a lovely voice? Is there a duet album in the couple’s future? We’d … Read more

Playlist: 10 Best Live Versions of Country Songs (You Might Have Missed)

 The only thing better than live music is a playlist of our favorite country music live.  1. Keith Urban // Days Go By // Live From AOL Sessions. Keith Urban is still all over the radio with Cop Car and We Were Us. But taking back to his roots, this version of Days Gone By … Read more

Eight Country Singers Who Aren’t From the South

Despite the huge popularity of country in the South, it might come as a surprise to see that some of the most famous musicians in this genre are not from the southern states at all. Yep, this means they aren’t all from Kentucky, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Alabama, or Mississippi – though admittedly, most are! Some … Read more

Country Stars: Lovely Tresses and Hot Messes of Hair

The manes of celebrities are almost as famous as the stars themselves. In 2013 when Beyonce cut her long locks into a shoulder length bob, the Twitterverse went into overdrive. Jennifer Aniston’s hair is so famous it should have its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Kelly Osbourne’s violet colored tresses add to … Read more

Keith Urban and Eric Church: Raise ‘Em Up

“Raise ‘Em Up” is an emotional song that’s simple and relatable. Keith Urban and Eric Church sing of the things in life that matter, that don’t matter and everything in between. The song begins with raising up glasses to celebrate good times and wash away the heartache. Because, that’s life, right? Through good times and bad we … Read more