Carrie Underwood’s Son Isaiah Painted a Picture Titled “Mom’s Hair” and He’s a Regular Picasso

Carrie Underwood has stayed fairly quiet lately after a nasty fall left her with a broken wrist and several stitches in her face– but it’s not stopping her from sharing her son Isaiah’s best work, including his latest piece of art aptly titled, “Mom’s Hair.” “Isaiah painted this…yeah, that’s pretty accurate…” she captioned the post. … Read more

Jason Aldean’s Wife Brittany Shares Adorable 2-Month Update on Baby Memphis

Jason and Brittany Aldean’s new son, Memphis, has quickly taken over their lives (and rightfully so!). Brittany is constantly sharing updates and pictures of baby Memphis on Instagram, and now she’s celebrating his two-month birthday with the sweetest update ever. “2 months old already??🙈 LOVES: being held, warm baths, lights, eating (a ton), fidgeting, wiggling … Read more

Jake Owen Shared the Cutest Throwback Picture of Himself as a Child and We’re Swooning

There are few things better than when our favorite artists share adorable throwback pictures of themselves– and Jake Owen might just take home the win for cutest picture this week! He took to Instagram to share a toothless picture of a little Jake, complete with a popped collar and spiked hair. “This was a few … Read more

This Adorable Southern Boy Making a Grocery List Will Be The Cutest Thing You Watch All Day: “We Need Sketti, What Else?”

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: If my future kids don’t come out with the same accent as this little kid, I’m going to be sorely disappointed. Chrystal Logson shared this video of her little boy making a grocery list, and oh. my. gosh. It’s the cutest thing I’ve watched all week, … Read more

Learn Everything You Need To Know About The Solar Eclipse From An 8-Year-Old Genius

Everywhere you turn these days there is excitement for the solar eclipse. I can’t blame people either. A total solar eclipse is a once-in-a-generation event so unique that people take vacations and travel oversees to catch them. But with all the buzz about the solar event, a lot of us still don’t know exactly what … Read more

5 Kid-Friendly Things To Do In Charleston

Charleston has a renowned reputation for being an adult vacation destination, with a prolific night scene, ghost tours, and lots of alcohol. It seems like it would be hard to find things for young people to do, but children are sponges and love to soak in the rich Southern history in the area. Even if … Read more

That Feeling When A 5-Year-Old Rocks Hairstyling Better Than Most 25-Year-Olds

We’ve all heard of wonder-kids, but a wonder-hairstylist might be a new twist. Considering my idea of hairstyling is often times throwing it up in a not-so-charming messy bun (and I mean messy, not those cute Pinterest ones), I have to admit that this kid has talent. Her mother teaches hair classes but insists that … Read more