Jimmy Kimmel Took Constructive Criticism In His Latest Edition of Mean Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel recently spoke out against white supremacy during a late night monologue and upset a lot of people. Our publishing of said monologue created the same effect. Instead of going at his detractors with bared teeth, Kimmel simply read their thoughts out loud on air while blurring out their names, noting where they were … Read more

The Second Episode Of “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” Brings The Crazy And Cute

Fans of “The Bachelor” and it’s various spinoffs are now entering the dead season. It’s like that time of the year when the only sport on TV is midseason baseball. Sure, you could watch it, or you could just stare at a blank TV screen. Could you watch “Bachelor In Paradise”? Yeah, but wouldn’t you … Read more

TV Dad Ray Romano Embarrasses His Real Son On TV, Is Father Of The Year

Look fellas, if Mom ain’t happy, no one is happy. Ray Romano knows that. Heck, he built a whole show around it. But the man also practices what he preaches and his wife wants grandchildren. So what should he do, since his boys are dragging their feet? Like any good father he decided to embarrass … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Shares That His Son Needs Two More Open Heart Surgeries But Is Doing Well

Jimmy Kimmel is known for his sarcastic and upbeat demeanor on late night television but since the birth of his son, Billy, he has become more pointed towards a singular political issue: child health care. Kimmel’s son was born with a hole in his heart wall and a blocked valve. His son went through successful … Read more

The First Episode Of “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” Is Better Than The Real Thing

Another season of “The Bachelorette” has come to an end leaving its viewers wondering, “Why did I watch this?” The only rational contestant in recent memory was let go because he wasn’t ready to propose after three dates leaving Rachel with a husband by forfeit. Now that’s what I call romance! Now what are we … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel’s “Baby Bachelor in Paradise” Looks A Lot Like Normal “Bachelor In Paradise”, But Cuter

Have you ever noticed that drunk twenty-somethings act a lot like toddlers? They have trouble walking and using their hands, babble incoherently, go through severe mood swings, and use the bathroom wherever they happen to be. That is probably why Jimmy Kimmel’s “Baby Bachelor In Paradise” is so hilarious; it looks a lot like the … Read more

People Terrified Their Fathers On Father’s Day Because Jimmy Kimmel Told Them To

As long as you live in your father’s house, you live by his rules. It’s his way or the highway. He can wear sock with sandals if he wants to. He may be quirky, but you love him. Jimmy Kimmel wanted American’s to share that love with their fathers with one caveat: scare him while … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Ruined Father’s Day By Having Kids Tell Their Dads the Worst Thing They’ve Ever Done

June is the month for Dads and grads. It is a month of celebration and happiness. It is also the perfect time to tell your Dad the worst thing you have ever done on live TV. Jimmy Kimmel asked kids about the worst thing they ever did while their fathers stood by silently. It’s many … Read more