Kitchen 101: Knife Skills to Help You Cook Like a Pro

Knowing how to use a kitchen knife is an essential skill for anyone who cooks. Chopping around with a blunt blade is an excellent way to waste time preparing food and (potentially) injure yourself. And then, there’s the number of knives people are expected to own! You don’t need a 12-piece knife set to cook … Read more

The McDonald’s Frork is the Utensil You Never Knew You Needed, Kind Of?

Fast food restaurants seem like they are scrambling to get people in their doors by reinventing normal foods or just shooting their food into space. As people push for more health conscious and sustainable food options, fast food has watched their market share decrease. Now, attention is the name of the game. McDonald’s is not … Read more

[Watch] Everything You Need to Know About Cast Iron Skillets

Cast iron skillets are an indispensable kitchen tool that many beginner chefs are intimidated by. They require special care and are often treated as family heirlooms. The risk of ruining my great grandmother’s skillet is not worth cooking an omelette, right? The truth is that cast Iron is tough and, unlike copper or teflon cookware, … Read more

15 Essential Kitchen Tools That Should Be in Your Kitchen No Matter What

There are a million kitchen tools on the market that come in every color imaginable and each promise to make you a better cook. Most of them can only do one very specific task (like the strawberry de-stemmer) and will end up wasting your money and taking up precious space in your kitchen. If you … Read more