“Tennessee Whiskey” Dad (Kris Jones) Announces He’s Going to Be on “The Voice”

After mesmerizing the internet with his incredible vocals, native-Texan Kris Jones (aka “Tennessee Whiskey” Dad) paid a little visit to “The Ellen Show” to share his story and announce some exciting news. Unsurprisingly, Kris has wanted to be a singer his entire life. Like many, he started out in the church choir and even tried … Read more

“Tennessee Whiskey” Dad (Kris Jones) Covered “Stand By Me” and Somebody Give Him a Record Deal Already

Sweet, sweet Kris Jones is back. Yes, the “Tennessee Whiskey” dad has uploaded another cover video and this time he’s covering the classic, “Stand By Me.” The Ben E. King tune isn’t an easy one to sing, but it seems like Mr. Jones can sing just about anything. Before tackling the hit, Jones thanked everyone … Read more

“Tennesee Whiskey” Dad Releases Another Stunning Cover

Just a few days after thrilling the world with his thrilling cover of “Tennessee Whiskey,” Kris Jones is back at it again. This time, his super cute daughter isn’t with him, but the stunning vocals are still there. Jones’ take on Lynyrd Skynyrd’s classic “Simple Man” is pretty simple– it’s just Jones in his car, … Read more