“La La Land” Choreographer Mandy Moore Shows How She Pulled Of That Iconic Freeway Scene

“La La Land” was iconic in many ways: it is a beautiful movie about the struggle of achieving dreams, the difficulty and magic of romance, and celebration of the golden age of Hollywood. But making an iconic movie is no easy task. Choreographer Mandy Moore (not that Mandy Moore) sat down with Vanity Fair to … Read more

Kid Goes Over-The-Top Asking Emma Stone to Prom, Makes Friends Look Bad

Kids these days. In my day, we just asked a girl to prom and she always said, “No! Gross, get away from me!” Now it’s a movie production– it’s Ryan Gosling and Hollywood. It’s vegan iPhones and “can I be viral yet?” How can a lady turn that down? For example, Jacob- the kid who … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel Shares His Hilarious Account of What Happened at the Oscars

Being the host of the Academy Awards is probably one of the coolest experiences for an entertainer. Except, of course, if there’s a huge blunder at the end of the night and the wrong Best Picture winner is announced. “Except for the end, it was a lot of fun,” Jimmy Kimmel told the audience on … Read more

Mandy Moore Keeps Getting Credit for Choreographing “La La Land”

If you’ve kept up with any of the awards shows this season, you may have noticed that a woman by the name of Mandy Moore has been getting a lot of attention for choreographing “La La Land.” Now I, like most of you probably, picture this woman (below) when I think of Mandy Moore. PR … Read more