Gwen Stefani Lost A Trivia Game About Herself To A Superfan And It Was B-A-N-A-N-A-S

To be a celebrity today, you have to give up your privacy, let strangers in your life, and be completely open to your fanbase. That means that there are some super fans out there that will know what your first job was, how old your relatives are, and minute details like what was the first … Read more

Blake Shelton Used to Date a Girl With Gwen Stefani Posters All Over Her Room

Growing up in Southern California, Gwen Stefani wasn’t doing a lot of the same things current boyfriend Blake Shelton was doing in Ada, Oklahoma. Musically, the two paths didn’t cross much either as Gwen loved an underground ska band called Madness and Blake idolized Billy Ray Cyrus. During a recent appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Turns Chip And Joanna’s Love Of Shiplap Into A Catchy Song

Everybody knows that Chip and Joanna love shiplap. We also know that the Gaines family has diversified their brand into just about every aisle of Target. But they have never created a hit song. that’s where Jimmy Fallon can help. After being challenged to write a song about Chip and Jo’s love of the horizontal … Read more

Someone Needs To Explain This Picture Of Shania Twain

No one ever doubted that Shania would live be living her best life, but no one expected it to be a Coachella alongside Nicki Minaj, The Weekend, Migos, and Timothee Chalamet. Minaj posted a picture of the crew to her Instagram page and it reminds us that Shania is truly in a league of her … Read more

Jeff Daniels Wrote a Country Music Song Inspired By Ryan Reynolds and We’re Here For It

Jeff Daniels is a GRAMMY nomination away from a full EGOT of nominations, but thanks to everyone’s favorite muse, Ryan Reynolds, that nod might come sooner than later. During a recent appearance on “The Tonight Show,” Daniels told Jimmy Fallon about a run-in with Reyolds that gave him the ammo to write the tune, “How … Read more

Cam’s Performance of “Diane” for James Corden Means It Is Time to Get Serious

Okay, country music fans, it’s time to talk and get serious for a second– if you want “better” and “good” music to come out of Nashville, you have to listen to the “better” and “good” music presented to you. In this specific instance, it’s Cam’s rousing “Diane.” According to Billboard, “Diane” has already peaked on … Read more

John Krasinski’s New Movie “A Quiet Place” Broke Chris Pratt

John Krasinski, known to many as Jim Halpert from “The Office”, recently made an unexpected pivot in his career by writing, directing, and starring in “A Quiet Place.” No one expected the likable Krasinski to dive headfirst into horror, who hated horror movies before writing one. But “A Quiet Place” is the breakout movie of … Read more

Snoop Dogg Just Shared a Pretty Iconic Story About Martha Stewart’s Jail Time and We Can’t Stop Thinking About It

We are living in a big, crazy world and one of the biggest, craziest things that’s ever happened in the world is Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg becoming best friends. Like, best friends. Luckily, for those interested, Snoop Dogg has stories about Martha that he’s willing to share and more than one happens to be … Read more

9 SNL Commercials So Real We Still Don’t Know If The Products Are Real or Fake

“Saturday Night Live” has a long history of confusing viewers after the monologue. You’ve probably experienced it before– the monologue is over and cuts to commercial. But, it’s a commercial for something not quite normal. Is this real, you ask yourself. And then, you realize Will Ferrell is in the commercial screaming at his dog. … Read more

Seth Meyers Got Choked Up Talking About His Wife Giving Birth In Their Apartment Lobby

Seth Meyers‘ wife is a champion. She recently gave birth to their second son Axel, after an extremely short labor in their apartment lobby, not only did it give Seth an incredible story, but it showed just how many people help bring a new life into the world. Meyer’s wife went from feeling contractions in … Read more

Reba Introduced James Corden to Corn Dogs and It Was a Historic Moment

reba corn dog

Typically, when a superstar boards a private plane before or after an event they post photos of champagne and other luxurious amenities not usually afforded to non-superstars. But, not Reba McEntire. No, Reba likes to post photos of herself with corn dogs like the good Oklahoman she is and always will be. She’s been doing … Read more

Willie Nelson Is The Only Person To ‘Out Smoke’ Snoop Dogg, “I Had To Hit The Timeout Button”

Snoop Dogg is visiting late night talk shows to promote his Gospel album. Yes, Snoop Dogg recorded an album of church songs. It’s real and surprisingly good. But it didn’t take long for him to return to his favorite subject: marijuana. Snoop is known for being a huge supporter of that particular plant, so much … Read more