Joanna Gaines Releases Cover For New Decorating Book, “Homebody,” Coming This November

Back in 2017, Joanna Gaines shared the news that she’d be creating a home design book called “Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave,” packed with her best design and lifestyle tips.  Now, in an exclusive with People, Joanna is sharing the cover of the book, plus some details about what we … Read more

Joanna Gaines Released a New Children’s Clothing Line Collaboration and It’s Perfect

Just when we thought Joanna Gaines could and was doing it all, she’s added one more skill to her repertoire: designing children’s clothes. And, to no surprise, she’s really good at it.  According to People, Joanna collaborated with the well-known clothes brand Matilda Jane to create a summer clothing line for kids— and it’s perfect. From … Read more

Chris Pratt Found “Love At First Sight” On His Farm

Chris Pratt has found love with a Texas girl, but not the sort you may be thinking. The “Guardians of the Galaxy” actor isn’t in a new relationship, he’s just met the newest addition to his farm, a longhorn cow named Baby Girl. “Love at first sight,” he captioned the photo of the brown and … Read more

The Gator-Snap Gender Reveal Is The Most Redneck Precious Moment Of All Time

It seems that you cannot have a baby today a gender reveal party. I’ve heard that babies will actually refuse to be born without a creative gender reveal. “Oh, you just opened an envelope and told your friends my gender? Yeah right, mom. I’m staying in.” Quite frankly, it all has gone too far. I’m not sure … Read more

Her Marine Boyfriend Had To Miss Prom So She Enlisted His Adorable Brother

You can’t pick your days off in the Marines. Gage Moak found that out the hard way when he had to tell his girlfriend, Skylar Fontaine, that he would have to miss her prom. But Fontaine found a stand-in who could fill her boyfriend’s shoes while not making him jealous: his 2-year-old brother Clay Jr. “I … Read more

Thomas Rhett is A Great Dad But Don’t Ask Him To Fold Laundry…Yet

Thomas Rhett Lauren Akins hugging

Thomas Rhett is a great musician, a great dad and a great all-around guy. But don’t ask the “Marry Me” singer to fold laundry, because it might not be the way you want it. At least he’s trying, right ladies? TR gives it the old college try when he wants to help out his wife … Read more

70 Women Ages 5-75 Shared What Trend They Wish Would Come Back, and Their Answers Were Very Telling

No matter how old you are, there is likely a trend from the past that you wish would make a major come back. For me, it would be women wearing big hats to church on Sunday, or disco dancing (don’t judge me– I think it’d be fun). Glamour asked 70 females ranging in age from … Read more

Jimmy Buffett Has Retired From The Margaritaville Lifestyle

Most of us dream of making it big, winning the lottery or becoming famous, so that we can live on island time. That’s what Jimmy Buffett did. It’s the lifestyle his Margaritaville hotels, restaurants, and retirement communities sell. But a recent profile with Buffett in the New York Times revealed that Buffett isn’t on island … Read more

McDonald’s Is Giving Away A Diamond Encrusted 18K Big Mac Ring Because…Love?

McDonald’s is putting on one of the strangest viral ad campaigns in recent history. They are asking people to tweet about their love for any one of the three sizes of Big Macs. The funniest, most unique tweet will win a diamond and sapphire encrusted 18K gold big Mac ring. Why you ask? Because “love … Read more

5 Ways to Fold Your Clothes Like An Organizational Boss

There is nothing worse than cleaning your house and realizing you have about 3 weeks worth of clean laundry sitting around in a corner somewhere. Right? Right. Did you know there are right and wrong ways to fold your pants, shirts, socks, and intimates? And some should be stored vertically and some should be stored … Read more

7 Products That Will Help Cure Your Dry Skin ASAP

I don’t know about you but the second the temperature changes, my skin doesn’t know what to do with itself. Throughout winter, my skin feels like it goes through all stages possible, from dry to itchy to red to dull. Over the years, I’ve found a few tried-and-true tricks for keeping my skin healthy and … Read more