Cam Shared What’s Inside Her JanSport Galaxy Backpack (Not Her Purse) and We’re Here For It

You might’ve seen one of these segments before where country artists share what items they carry in their purse– but leave it to Cam to not carry a purse, but a JanSport Galaxy Backpack that actually makes me want to go dig out my old JanSport from elementary school. “Just because you’re a woman doesn’t … Read more

Watching People Try To Figure Out A Pomegranate Is The Most Relatable Thing We’ve Seen In 2018

Part of deciding to be healthier in the new year includes that one trip to the grocery store where you buy more fruit and vegetables than you ever had before in your life. You go out and get all those standard health foods – kale, bananas, avocado, etc.– but some of you, ventured out and … Read more

We Know The Exact Date You Will Quit Your New Year’s Resolution

If you made a New Year’s resolution, you probably have started out hopeful, resolute even. I have. But according to multiple sources, the average Resolver (that’s what I’m calling all of us) will barely make it a month. In fact, they have found the exact date the average person quits their healthy trends: the first … Read more

Dierks Bentley Just Made The Most Incredible Interactive Video For The National Parks Service

Have you ever played with a 360 video on YouTube? It is the closest thing to actually being someplace. You can turn the camera around, look up, look at the ground, zoom in, and generally explore everything around you. It is the perfect way to explore a National Park and Dierks Bentley wants to show … Read more

A New Natural Beauty Brand Has (Finally) Hit Walmart And Everything Is Under $15

A lot of all-natural beauty products tend to run a pretty high price tag, and because money doesn’t (yet) grow on trees, most of us on a budget end up buying products that are made with harsh ingredients and chemicals. But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, you know? But alas, Walmart … Read more

Here’s a Preview of The Pioneer Woman’s New Bedding Line Coming to Walmart

Y’all, our girl Ree Drummond has done it again. She posted on Instagram to let us know that we can expect a new bedding line at Walmart from The Pioneer Woman on October 4. (Do you hear that? It’s the sound of 1,000 angels singing.) Oh, and she gave us a “top secret sneak peek,” … Read more

Caroline Hobby Describes What It’s Like To Be The Wife Of A Country Music Star And It Ain’t All Glamorous

What would it be like to be married to a country music star? You may think it would all be backstage passes, red carpets, and a comfortable lifestyle, but the reality is not quite as glamorous. Caroline Hobby is a “country wife,”married to 1000 Horse lead frontman Michael Hobby. She is a blogger, TV show … Read more

Nick Offerman Offers “Wood Support” to Twitter And Reminds Us To Consider What We Tweet

So you are in the middle of a DIY project and are having some trouble. Your wood veneer is warping. You stain is not going on evenly. You want to cut your own joinery but don’t know what a dovetail is. Never fear; wood expert Nick Offerman is here to help your carpentry crisis with … Read more

6 Helpful Tips for Planning a Trip to a National Park

The National Parks are truly America’s greatest natural treasures, but planning a trip to one of the 58 National Parks can be a little overwhelming, especially if it’s your first time to travel to one of the bigger parks like Yosemite or Yellowstone. If you’re in the planning stages, there are a few things you’ll … Read more

Most Popular Girl Scout Cookies By State

Girl Scout Cookies are little gifts from Heaven that we dream about all year long. Whether you’re a Thin Mint, Tagalong or Samoa kind of person, there’s just something about those little cookies that make your mouth water and temporarily (or permanently) forget your diet. And with so many flavors, it’s nearly impossible to choose … Read more

Here’s How To Get Paid To Take A Vacation To The US Virgin Islands This Year (Really)

If you’ve always wondered how to get paid to take a vacation, we might have found a way to do just that. It sounds crazy, but the US Virgin Islands are willing to pay every visitor $300 towards their vacation. This is to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of the US Virgin Islands becoming a … Read more