Lorde Responded to the Recording Academy President’s Comments About Women With a Full-Page Newspaper Ad

Following the lead of fellow female artists, Pink and Kelly Clarkson, Lorde has now responded in her own special way to the ill-informed remarks of Recording Academy President Neil Portnow, who, when asked about why more females didn’t win GRAMMYs, said, “It has to begin with … women who have the creativity in their hearts … Read more

Pink Released a Statement to Recording Academy President After He Said Women Need to “Step Up” If They Want to Win Awards

During the 60th Annual GRAMMY Awards, only one woman accepted an award during the live telecast portion of the evening. And it was the second award of the night. In total, 11 of 84 awards went to women. Following the show, Recording Academy President Neil Portnow was asked about those numbers and his response was … Read more

Lorde Covered Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” and It Was the Greatest, Spookiest Thing Ever

Happy Halloween, pop music aficionados and fans of drum solos. It’s that time of the year again where you remember the man, the myth, the legend Phil Collins and his masterpiece, “In The Air Tonight” from 1981. Lorde, non-squad member, but supposed BFF of Old Taylor (Swift), took the BBC Radio Live Lounge to put … Read more

Lorde On Taylor’s Squad: “I Don’t Hang Out With These People At All”

Taylor Swift’s squad is a who’s who of female musicians, models, and icons. The idea we get from Instagram and magazines is that Taylor has unified the most powerful women in the Western World into the ultimate friend group. Lorde, the New Zealand musician, is a well known part of this squad. Maybe. In an … Read more

Lorde Says She Doesn’t Hang Out with Taylor Swift, Even Though That Seems Kind of Like a Lie

Maybe there is something going on with Taylor Swift. Maybe the feud with Kanye and the public breakups were worse than we all thought, because now she’s not hosting parties and her friends are saying weird stuff about her. You know, that thing Lorde said. During a recent interview on “Sunrise,” Lorde was asked what … Read more

Lorde Said Being Friends with Taylor Swift is Like Being With Someone Who Has an Autoimmune Disease (Which is Officially the Weirdest Friendship Comparison of All-Time)

No matter how famous you are or how many Oscars you’ve won, lives you have saved or anything in between– if you’ve ever been in a photo with Taylor Swift and you’re in an interview, you’re going to be asked about Taylor Swift. Swift has been almost completely out of the press for a year … Read more