Luke S. Reveals the Reason Why He Left “The Bachelorette”

Luke S explains why he left The Bachelorette and Hannah B

As the drama between Luke S. and Luke P. intensified on The Bachelorette Tuesday night (June 11), Luke S. made the bold move of taking himself out of the running. But why? Many Bachelor nation fans were perplexed as to why Luke S. didn’t wait for Hannah to make a decision about his fate, but … Read more

17 Hilarious Tweets About Luke P’s Behavior on The Bachelorette

Luke P Behavior on The Bachelorette

The drama continues on The Bachelorette as Hannah B continues her search for love. Starting with 30 men, the Alabama native has narrowed it down to 15 and one of those 15 men is still Luke P. Those strong feelings that Hannah contends she has for Luke P do not sit well with Bachelor Nation … Read more