7 Actual Visualizations of Music’s Most Creative and Interesting Lyrical Metaphors

It’s easy to get caught up in the beat or hook of a song and not even realize what you’re hearing or singing along to at times. But, every now and then, lyrics really stick out– especially really creative metaphors that sound catchy, but don’t make any sense when your visualize them. 7 Actual Visualizations … Read more

Lyrical Breakdown and Timeline: Sam Hunt’s “Drinkin’ Too Much”

After months of laying low and promising new music when “it’s ready,” Sam Hunt released the super personal and very detailed ” Drinkin’ Too Much” for fans at the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Day. The lyrics feature several specific moments and stories he shared with Hannah Lee Fowler, the girl most of his … Read more

Lyrical Breakdown: Jake Owen’s “American Country Love Song”

After his last single was a bit of a flop, Jake Owen went back to the basics with his newest tune, “American Country Love Song.” Kind of. “I think my fans have come to expect a certain kind of music from me; songs that are fun, energetic and just make you feel good. ‘American Country … Read more

Lyrical Breakdown: Darius Rucker’s “Southern Style” from a Southern Girl

As a born-and-raised Southerner, the first time I heard Darius Rucker‘s ode to the South and the South’s best export (a Southern girl), I was immediately taken by the lyrics.  Rucker really nailed the typical Southern girl, which he should’ve as a South Carolina native. But, just to make sure he is doing us all justice, … Read more

7 Ways Jake Owen’s “Real Life” is Definitely About My Teenage Years

Jake Owen‘s new single, “Real Life” is a tune for every man (or woman). It’s an up-beat, feel-good track that sounds a bit like the mid-90s band. Like a Sugar Ray or Everclear. It’s nostalgic without being super deep, but isn’t totally silly. It’s totally relatable. When I listen to the song I feel like … Read more

Lyrical Breakdown: Luke Bryan’s “Kick The Dust Up”

Luke Bryan’s hot new single, “Kick The Dust Up” off of his upcoming album, Kill The Lights, is one of those songs that makes you want to turn up the volume and really sing along.   It’s a rowdy, crowd-pleasing jam, but I need to dig a little deeper– is Luke singing about an actual … Read more

Country Music Song Titles That Don’t Mean That

Sometimes, the title of a country music song doesn’t mean that. Let us explain. 1. “Burnin’ It Down” // Jason Aldean Surprisingly this is not about arson, a fire or even marijuana. Nope, this one is about doing stuff in the dark when two people really, really love each other. 2. “Hope You Get Lonely … Read more

11 Puzzling and Explicit Country Music Lyrics

Is there anything better than singing along to a song while doing some other activity you love? It’s no doubt that music makes everything better and amplifies our experiences. But, what about when you actually listen to the lyrics of some your favorite joints? Turns out– some of those lyrics are so spicy they should … Read more