Maddie & Tae’s New Single, “Shut Up and Fish” Is a Good One

With a No. 1 single to their name and another Top 10 currently at radio, Maddie & Tae are ready for the deep end with their new single, “Shut Up and Fish.” The tune off their debut album, Start Here and was co-written by the CMA-nominated Vocal Duo of the Year. If you thought “Girl In … Read more

Maddie and Tae Set to Appear on “Girl Meets World”

You remember “Boy Meets World,” right? The ’90s sitcom profiling the life of an American teen, Cory, and his friends, Topanga, Shawn and Eric. Well, we’re not sure if you’ve heard yet, but there’s a spinoff called “Girl Meets World” which takes a look into Cory and Topanga as adults and follows the life of their … Read more

11 Country Music Songs ‘I Wish I’d Written’ Awards Handed Out

The Nashville Songwriters Association recently hosted their 45th annual gala dinner where they honored the four new Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame inductees as well as other NSAI award winners. Not surprisingly, Song of the Year went to the Love Junkies and their mega-hit, “Girl Crush.” We’ve got a major #girlcrush on @lorimckennama & co. Congrats on being … Read more

Maddie and Tae Talk New Album and Overcoming Stereotypes

Maddie and Tae, the girls behind “Girl in a Country Song,” are out with their long-awaited album, Start Here. The duo, who has been nominated for CMA Vocal Duo of the Year, was recently named one of the “10 New Artists You Need to Know” by Rolling Stone and we agree, they’re awesome. The inspirational and lovable duo … Read more

Maddie and Tae Credit Faith in God For All of Their Successes

Maddie & Tae stormed on to the country music scene just over a year ago, but a No. 1 hit, a hot debut album and multiple appearances on national television hasn’t gone to the duo’s head. The two friends remain humble and know where all of their success comes from– their faith in God. [/audio] … Read more

Maddie and Tae Rap an Interview (And We’re Obsessed)

First things first, Maddie & Tae‘s debut album, Start Here (which was just released), is as traditional as they come. The duo’s album features twang, steel guitar and everything else you’d want in a country music album. However, Maddie & Tae are also talented rappers. At least during interviews anyway. As the summer wraps up, … Read more

Maddie and Tae ‘Start Here’ on “Today”

Maddie & Tae have had quite the year, capping it off with the release of their debut album, Start Here, and an appearance on “Today” and the Toyota Concert Series. The duo took their twangy, traditional country music vibes to the Big Apple and played their No. 1 hit, “Girl in a Country Song” for … Read more

Album Review: Maddie and Tae Are Boldly Traditional with ‘Start Here’

“That’s alright, that’s okay. It’s just the way you find your way. It’s the road you gotta take to get where you’re going,” 2014’s breakout duo Maddie & Tae advise on their debut album’s manifesto and closing track “Downside of Growing Up,” a plucky, bluegrass-esque ode to coming of age and becoming an independent thinker. “You’re gonna twist, … Read more

Country Music Artists Love Turquoise Jewelry

Turquoise jewelry is the hottest trend in jewelry right now and country music artists love it as much as we do! They are wearing everything from turquoise necklaces, to rings to bracelets. The main reason everyone loves it so much is the versatility. You can wear it with a casual tee and pair of jeans or … Read more

Maddie and Tae Play Heads Up (Country Music Edition)

As Maddie & Tae prepare to launch their debut album, Start Here, we spent a little time with them to discuss the album and some great duos that came before them. What better way to do this than a special game of Heads Up tailored just to them? Slated for release August 28, Start Here chronicles … Read more

Exclusive: Maddie & Tae Are Ready for Fans to Hear Their New Music

Maddie & Tae may have stormed onto the country music scene with their No. 1 hit, “Girl In a Country Song,” but it feels like fans have been waiting forever for their debut, full-length album. The duo was just as ready to get the music out to their fans, but they knew it had to … Read more

Summer Fashion and 11 Country Music Artists Who Do It Right

Summer always poses the problem of how on earth are you supposed to stay cool but look great while doing it? This is especially true near the end of summer when all you want to wear is your bathing suit and flip-flops. These artists have figured it out and are doing it the right way. … Read more