11 Mustaches Men Should Consider This Movember

By now you’ve all read about the month-long event known as Movember, which helps bring attention to important men’s health issues like prostate and testosterone cancer.  If you decide to participate — and you should — how do you know which mustache is best for you? Below is a list to prepare you to look … Read more 11 Mustaches Men Should Consider This Movember

51 Skills Every Man Should Master

It’s hard to define what makes a “manly man” — everyone seems to have their own opinion. In an attempt to bring some clarity to the conversation, I’ve created a list of simple, do-it-yourself skills every man should master. Will knowing these things make you a manlier? Probably not. But at least you will know … Read more 51 Skills Every Man Should Master

10 Manly Literary Figures

Writing isn’t a very manly occupation. Society typically doesn’t associate literary figures with the same level of machismo as firefighters. For every Ernest Hemingway you have dozens of authors who live in one-bedroom apartments that are full of cats and write about nymphs, hobbits, and dragons. 10 Manly Literary Figures: 10. Shel Silverstein Most Notable … Read more 10 Manly Literary Figures

40 Manliest Men in American History

With college football season upon us, the occasion brings with it all the trash-talking and gloating that sports and their fans can muster up. And while we can all agree that football is a manly sport, with manly toughness, there are many types of toughness — mental toughness, soft-spoken toughness, physical toughness, military toughness, and even crazy, … Read more 40 Manliest Men in American History

11 Manliest Presidents

As we all prepare for President’s Day with sales on everything from used cars to mattresses to home appliances, let’s spend a few moments to salute the presidents who were decidedly manlier than we give them credit for. This list is NOT about the most brilliant presidents, successful presidents, or presidents who changed the nation … Read more 11 Manliest Presidents