This Wedding Guest Did the Unthinkable and Broke the Number One Wedding Etiquette Rule

A bride and groom’s wedding day is known as their “big day” for a reason. It is their day – their time to shine, and most wedding guests understand this. They know the biggest etiquette rule of the day: Don’t upstage the bride and groom! Unfortunately for one bride, one of her most important guests … Read more

Table Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking

Needing a quick brush-up on those table manners before the holiday festivities begin? Look no further. There are probably a few table etiquette rules you may not have known you were breaking. Table Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules You Didn’t Know You Were Breaking: 1. Removing Food from Mouth We’ve all bit off into something that … Read more

The One Thing Wedding Guests Do That Ruins Weddings

Two words. Electronic devices. Specifically, cell phones and tablets. While we can’t actually blame the devices, we can blame the guests who are using them. Thomas Stewart, a professional photographer based in Australia, is over guests with cell phones and tablets at weddings. In a 530-word Facebook rant, he asks, no, he begs brides and … Read more

15 Manners Every Good and Decent Person Should Know

Southerners like to think good manners are all about Southern traditions and only come from Sunday dinner eons ago. Not quite– though Southerners love to harp on manners and doing things with Southern hospitality, most manners are manners every good and decent person should know. And teach to those that come after them. 15 Manners … Read more