Jimmy Buffet Took “The Tonight Show” To Margaritaville And No One Was More Excited Than Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon is excitable. He sees the world is bright colors where everything is “awesome” and “the best.” But he has never been as excited as he was when he met Jimmy Buffett. It was like watching a kid go to Disney World for the first time. As buffet calmly explained his “active living” communities, … Read more

Jimmy Buffett Has Retired From The Margaritaville Lifestyle

Most of us dream of making it big, winning the lottery or becoming famous, so that we can live on island time. That’s what Jimmy Buffett did. It’s the lifestyle his Margaritaville hotels, restaurants, and retirement communities sell. But a recent profile with Buffett in the New York Times revealed that Buffett isn’t on island … Read more

Margaritaville Hotel Is Bringing The Beach To Nashville

Jimmy Buffet is creating an empire. After building a successful chain of destination restaurants, the musician announced the development of Margaritaville Retirement Communities on the east coast. Now, he is expanding to Nashville with the Margaritaville Hotel on south Broadway. Now you can look for your lost salt shaker of salt before hitting a honky-tonk … Read more

Jimmy Buffet Is Building Two Margaritaville Retirement Communities, Because Why Not?

I have no idea of where I would want to retire, or if I will be able to. But if I could, I would want to go someplace beautiful and relaxing–someplace people would want to visit. Apparently, Jimmy Buffet thinks the same way, which is why he is opening a series of Margaritaville-inspired retirement communities … Read more