Mariah Carey Announces All I Want For Christmas Is You Limited Tour Dates

Mariah Carey All I want for Christmas is you tour dates

If all you wanted for Christmas was to see Mariah Carey in concert, you’re in luck. The pop star diva has announced a limited run of her All I Want For Christmas Is You Tour dates to celebrate the 25th anniversary of her debut Christmas album, Merry Christmas. [RELATED: Mariah Carey Throwing a Tissue During Her Icon … Read more

Mariah Carey Throwing a Tissue During Her Icon Award Acceptance Speech Was Iconic

Mariah Carey Billboard Music Awards Icon award acceptance Speech

Mariah Carey has always caused quite a splash thanks to her good looks and big vocals. But the musical giant found out Wednesday (May 1) that just the smallest of her gestures can also get the whole world talking. Donning a skin tight black sequined dress, Carey was on hand at the Billboard Music Awards … Read more

Mariah Carey and Her Twins Singing “All I Want For Christmas Is You” Will Get You in the Holiday Spirit [WATCH]

Every year as the holidays approach, I look forward to shamelessly listening to my favorite classic Christmas songs on repeat— including, of course, Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” The song, which was originally released in 1994, has truly surpassed time. According to Bustle, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” originally released … Read more

The 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival Lineup is Out and It’s Insanely Good

Throughout the years, the iHeart Radio Music Festival has always been a favorite of music fans around the country thanks to its way of bringing together superstars of all genres for two amazing nights of performances. And 2018 will be no exception! Scheduled to take place on Sept. 21 and Sept. 22 in Las Vegas, … Read more

Mariah Carey Revealed She Was Diagnosed With Bipolar Disorder

Mariah Carey is one of the most successful pop stars of all-time and now, she’s revealed that she’s been dealing with bipolar II disorder, which involves periods of depression as well as hypomania. Carey shared this with People, though she was diagnosed in 2001 when she was actually in the hospital for a mental and physical breakdown. … Read more

James Corden Said He Once Stole a Candle From Mariah Carey’s House Because She Kept Him Waiting for Hours

Typically, if you’re dealing with Mariah Carey, you have to be prepared to expect that she’s going to act like the diva we have all come to know and love. But, one person, James Corden, decided to teach Mariah a lesson, though he never told her about the lesson. Until now. During a recent game … Read more

Katy Perry and Mariah Carey Just Had the Most Epic Twitter Exchange EVER

I’m no expert on Mariah Carey, but if I was really keeping score, I could say with certainty that throughout her career Mariah hasn’t always been the most down-to-earth person. At times, it’s understandable because it has to be hard to be that successful and that rich, right? Right, sure. Recently, Katy Perry took to … Read more

This “American Idol” Contestant Could Not Sing Like Mariah Carey– At All

With the rise of “The Voice” and recruited contestants on reality TV competitions, the world has sorely missed those kind of sad, kind of delusional contestants that really think they’re the next big thing. But, finally, the most recent episode of “American Idol” gave us one in Audriana Bolton. Bolton came to the show saying … Read more

Meryl Streep on Mariah Carey: Bitch Stole My Seat (At the Golden Globes)

It’s true. Mariah Carey did steal Meryl Streep’s seat at the Golden Globes next to Steven Spielberg. Meryl joking told Jimmy Kimmel, “yeah! Bitch stole my seat! I came over and there she was…she said ‘Oh my God, they made me sit down!’ And I said, ‘no, no! Stay there and I’ll sit on your … Read more

Mariah Carey Took Meryl Streep’s Seat During the Golden Globes and Then Asked for Forgiveness

Imagine being Mariah Carey at the Golden Globes, you aren’t out of place by any means, but it’s not totally your scene. Now, imagine being Mariah during a commercial break and frantically looking for the nearest seat to you before the cameras come back on. There’s one next to Steven Spielberg, who was at a … Read more

11 Most Ridiculous Celebrity Instagram Photos Wishing Fans Merry Christmas, While Totally Humble Bragging

I love social media because, at times, it really does seem to bring fans a little closer to their favorite celebrities. Especially if you follow certain stars that definitely tweet on their own and take their own Instagram photos. But, then there are those stars that still use social media as a weird way to … Read more

Despite Last Year’s Absolute Failure of a Performance, Mariah Carey is Headlining “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve”

The biggest diva of them all, Mariah Carey, is headed back to “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Year’s Eve” for a little bit of redemption after she totally failed to deliver during her 2016 performance. If you don’t recall, Carey did not sing most of her performance and cited technical issues and blamed Dick Clark Productions … Read more