The Voice Recap: Episode 14

We’ve made it to the playoffs. Each artist will choose their own song to “prove why they should move on.” If I’m understanding correctly, this is just another blind audition, that isn’t blind? TEAM BLAKE Audra: She has chosen “Broken Wing” by Martina McBride. It’s country, Blake’s country, he called her “sis” during rehearsals.  She basically nailed the … Read more

Martina McBride Had a Fun Week

In preparation for her upcoming album release, Martina McBride seems to have had a pretty fun week. She gushed on Twitter about her new duet with Kelly Clarkson, “In The Basement” which is a soulful, fun and super catchy cover of the 1966 Etta James duet with Sugar Pie DeSanto that will be featured on … Read more

Five Motivational Country Songs Whose Lyrics Will Inspire You

There’s something about country music that connects with the soul and takes the listener to a better place. Even if the tone is sad, the meaning behind the lyrics adds depth and intensity to the song. Especially composed for situations that most people go through at some point in their life, here is a quick look … Read more

Listen to Martina McBride’s New Song

If you’re like us and anxiously awaiting Martina McBride’s newest album to drop on April 8, you’ll be especially happy to hear she’s released a soulful and thoughtful tune, “Little Bit of Rain,” for all of us to enjoy. The new album, Everlasting, will feature duets with Kelly Clarkson and Gavin Degraw and is mostly … Read more