6 Country Music Songs You Won’t Believe Are 20 Years Old

In 1998, the country music charts were dominated by new, pop-ish country music hits from Shania Twain and Faith Hill, but still featured multiple No. 1s from Garth Brooks, George Strait and Tim McGraw. Honestly, it is kind of hard to believe that 1998 was 20 years ago and McGraw is still on the charts, … Read more

9 Country Artists With Breathtaking Engagement Rings

Call me a stereotypical woman, but I love looking at pictures of engagement rings whether they’re my friends or celebrities or people I don’t even know. Lots of our favorite female country artists sport some gorgeous jewelry– and these 9 artists have engagement rings that are worth swooning over! 1. Carrie Underwood Carrie Underwood’s ring … Read more

The 6 Best Country Covers Of “O Holy Night” You Should Be Listening To This Christmas

During the Christmas season the one Christmas classic song that country artists love to record is “O Holly Night.” While each artist puts their own spin on the song, there are few that really stand out. We combed through the many country versions of “O Holy Night” to find the best of the best. We … Read more

10 Christmas Songs Martina McBride is Listening To This Holiday Season

In 1998 Martina McBride arguably released one of the greatest Christmas albums of all time when she released White Christmas. So good in fact, it was re-released three times in 1999, 2007 and 2013, with new songs added. White Christmas contains all the Christmas classics, such as “Have Yourself a Merry Christmas,” “White Christmas,” “I’ll … Read more

5 Best National Anthem Performances From Country Music Stars

The 2017-2018 football season kicked off with Maren Morris proudly representing country music when she sang the national anthem during the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs season opener. More and more country artists are being chosen to sing “The Star Spangled Banner” during major televised sporting events. “The Star Spangled Banner” is one … Read more

10 ’90s Country Hits That Are Still Super Relevant Today

2017 is awash in ’90s nostalgia, from revivals and/or spin-offs of “Full House” and “Will & Grace” to “Twin Peaks” and a slew of other projects in development. It’s inherently cool to relive the ’90s, for better or worse. But you’ll most likely just feel old. Music appears to be rehashing many of the sounds … Read more

Martina McBride Treats Her Daughters to the Musical “Waitress”

I’m not entirely sure who has it better in this story: Martina McBride, her daughters or the cast of “Waitress.” The songstress took her three daughters to see the hit musical. And, of course, they got to meet the cast and hang out onstage. “With some of the amazing cast of ‘Waitress‘ tonight,” Martina posted … Read more

Morgan Evans Rocks This Inventive “Women of Country” Mashup That Includes His Fiancée Kelsea Ballerini

Morgan Evans is making a name for himself in the studio. The singer-songwriter has been churning out a run of mashup videos from Nashville’s Blackbird Studios, owned by none other than Martina McBride. His latest endeavor focuses on the women of country music. He starts into Carrie Underwood’s “Wasted,” before transitioning into Maren Morris’ “My … Read more

Should You Listen to Martina McBride’s “Independence Day” on the Fourth of July?

If you don’t listen to Martina McBride‘s “Independence Day” too closely, it sounds like a pretty patriotic tune. “Let freedom ring / let the white dove sing / Let the whole world know that today is a day of reckoning,” she sings in the chorus. In reality, though, it isn’t about the Fourth of July. … Read more

Brennley Brown Sang Martina McBride’s “Anyway” on “The Voice” and Nailed It

If you’re going to go on live TV and sing a really well-known Martina McBride ballad, you have to be more than a great vocalist– you also have to be very confident. Brennley Brown not only brought her killer vocals to “The Voice” stage during her Top 10 performance of “Anyway,” she also brought the … Read more

16 Must-Have Shirts for Country Fans

Last summer, I was shopping with a friend when we stumbled upon a shirt that read ” Come on Patty get it together” and we died laughing. If you’re not a fan of ’90s country, you probably don’t get the reference to the spoken line in Patty Loveless’ hit “I Try to Think About Elvis.” … Read more