Rosanne Cash Takes a Stand After Daughter is Verbally Assaulted for Wearing a Face Mask

Rosanne Cash daughter harrassed for wearing mask

Who would have thought something as simple as wearing a face mask would provoke an adult to spew hate and venom at a perfect stranger? It seems far-fetched, but singer-songwriter Rosanne Cash assure us that it is very much an actual scenario that her daughter experienced recently in Nashville. Rosanne shared the heartbreaking incident on … Read more

Jason Aldean’s Face Can Stop A Hockey Puck

Jason Aldean hockey helmet with image

Jason Aldean is getting into the hockey game, whether he wants to or not. The superstars face is being displayed on the helmet of a minor league hockey player and the image is striking. Eddie Pasquale, a Canadian goalie for the Syracuse Crunch, affiliate of the NHL’s Tampa Bay Lightning, sported a mask during his … Read more