Jimmy Kimmel Announces Plans to Take a Break from Late-Night Show: ‘There’s Nothing Wrong’

Jimmy Kimmel takes time off from hosting late night show

While the country came to somewhat of a halt during the still ongoing pandemic, late night talk show hosts such as Jimmy Kimmel kept broadcasting their show in an effort to keep the mood of the nation up. But even guys like Kimmel need a break every once in a while. [RELATED: Jimmy Kimmel Brings … Read more

On The Heels Of Harvey Weinstein Scandal, Matt Damon Crashes “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” For a Laugh

For those that are avid watchers of “Jimmy Kimmel Live!,” you know that Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel have a longstanding “friendly” feud going on. Every night Kimmel ends his show saying, ‘Sorry to Matt Damon, we ran out of time,’ insinuating that Damon was waiting in the wings to be on the show to … Read more

Dustin Lynch Performed “Small Town Boy” on Jimmy Kimmel While Wearing a Matt Damon Shirt

Dustin Lynch is just full of surprises this week. First, he showed up at the 2017 ACM Awards without his signature cowboy hat. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good choice, but it didn’t take me at least a minute to realize it was him. Then, he posted his funny “friends-iversary” post with Kelly … Read more

13 Can’t Miss Looks from the 2017 Oscars

For the most part, the Oscars were pretty low-key this year. No major political protests. No one threw anything or cussed on stage. And honestly, no one looked terrible. For the most part. 13 Can’t Miss Looks from the 2017 Oscars: 1. Keith Urban served as support for Nicole Kidman and the two looked as … Read more

9 Looks from the 68th Annual EMMY Awards You Have to See

The 68th Annual EMMY Awards last just over 4 hours and featured more jokes about OJ Simpson, pulling chains and peanut butter sandwiches than you can imagine, but in between those moments were a few more can’t miss items. 9 Looks from the 68th Annual EMMY Awards You Have to See: 1. Jimmy Kimmel got … Read more

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon Attend Couples Counseling (Again)

As you may or may not know, world-renowned actor Matt Damon and comedian Jimmy Kimmel have a long-standing feud, which originated as a joke on Jimmy’s show in the early 2000s. Back in the day, when “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” was a lesser-known late night show, Jimmy would end every live set saying, “Apologies to Matt … Read more

Matt Damon Does the “Whip (Nae Nae)” (and It’s Really Bad)

On a throwback episode of “The Ellen Show,” world-renowned actor Matt Damon stopped in to talk about the reason he moved back to LA, share a little about his charity Water.org and to try out the “Whip (Nae Nae).” After Matt shared the heart behind Water.org, Ellen promised to give $20,000 to the charity if … Read more

Matt Damon Hilariously Pranks People with Surprise Bourne-Style Spy Missions

In celebration of the fifth installment of the “Bourne” movies and in order to raise funds for Water.org, “Jason Bourne” star Matt Damon hilariously pranked unsuspecting park-goers with surprise Bourne-like spy missions. In order to get people to participate in the “mission,” the 45-year-old Oscar-winner had men approach potential participants with a cell phones saying, … Read more

14 GIFs That Accurately Capture Everything That Happened at the Oscars

The Oscars ran about 40 minutes over the allotted time slot this year and honestly– who has time to watch it all anyway? GIFs can sum up everything that happened much quicker. 14 GIFs That Accurately Capture Everything That Happened at the Oscars: 1. Kate Winslet was the happiest for Leonard DiCaprio. 2. Red Carpet … Read more

Matt Damon Crashed “Jimmy Kimmel Live” Thanks to BFF Ben Affleck

The Jimmy Kimmel–Matt Damon feud has been long-documented in Hollywood and during Kimmel’s annual post-Oscars special, Ben Affleck tried to get the two to resolve all of their differences. Affleck snuck Damon into the show by wearing him inside of a jacket like a mother kangaroo. At one point, Guillermo removed Damon from the stage as … Read more

The Best and Worst Of Hollywood Southern Accents

Let’s set the ground rules shall we? You cannot be a native Southerner and make this list. The list is reserved for actors and actresses who worked with a dialect coach to achieve the twang. We’re assigning letter grades to the best and worst Southern accents in Hollywood, just for fun. Tom Hanks as Forrest … Read more