This Picture of President George H.W. Bush With Presidents Bush, Clinton, and Obama Will Make You Proud to Be An American

It was a weekend of celebrating and remembering a life well-lived as thousands gathered in Houston to pay their respects to former First Lady (and Mother) Barbara Bush. While there were many striking images from the weekend, one stood out– after the funeral President George H.W. Bush gathered with former Presidents George W. Bush, Bill … Read more

(Watch) Michelle Obama Finally Revealed What First Lady Melania Trump Gave Her Last Year

It was the gift exchange seen around the world. On President Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day, incoming First Lady Melania Trump gave outgoing First Lady Michelle Obama a Tiffany box on the steps of the White House. Obama had no idea what to do with it. She gave the camera a look. She tried to give … Read more

The White House’s Christmas Decorations Are Gorgeous And Totally Causing a Stir

Most people spend the weekend after Thanksgiving putting up Christmas decorations: their tree covered in ornaments their children made, the stockings over the fireplace, Dad meticulously putting his lights on the house. It’s a Christmas tradition. But there is one house where the only tradition is completely going beyond expectations: The White House. Whatever you … Read more

Brad Paisley Remixes “Without A Fight” for Mashup of Michelle Obama and Melania Trump Convention Speeches (No My Little Pony Though)

Brad Paisley loves pushing political buttons. The latest of his jabs, a mashup of a supposed plagiarized speech from Melania Trump and a speech from Michelle Obama, is nothing, if not topical. Also, the use of his own hit single is genius. It’s pretty funny, and although this remix probably won’t make your local airwaves, … Read more