This Monster Lawnmower Will Clear Your Yard In No Time And Scare Your Neighbors

In a world where lawns are status symbols, a lawn mower is a man’s greatest tool. While some fellas like riding mowers and others prefer the old gas clunker they’ve been using for 40 years the rest of us want more. And I’ve found what we are all looking for: the most monstrous, unstoppable, absolutely … Read more

“The Sandlot” Cast Reunites After 25 Years To Play Some Ball

The cast of “The Sandlot” reunited after 25 years apart and, obviously, looked a bit different. They went off and grew up. Time will do that to people. But it was a bit shocking, nonetheless. The kids of summer are now fathers, family men, pay bills and…man, I’m getting old. I guess it came as … Read more

You Haven’t Live Until You’ve Heard Charles Barkley And Samuel L Jackson Sing Garth

I don’t know why it happened or what the point was supposed to be, but Capitol One put their March Madness gang on horses and had them Sing Garth Brooks’ “Friends In Low Places.” Yes, Charles Barkley, Samuel L Jackson, and Spike Lee sang Garth while riding horses for a credit card commercial. It’s confusing, but … Read more

(Video) Dierks Bentley Went Through Every Emotion in the World Shaving Off His Mustache

Throughout his long and successful career, Dierks Bentley has rocked many hairstyles on his head and face– most recently, he went full-bearded hottie while working on his upcoming album, The Mountain. Not long after making all the official announcements for the album release and accompanying tour, Dierks ditched the beard and went down to just … Read more

15 Affordable Gifts For The Every Man On Your Christmas List

It is always easier to shop for the women in my life than the fellas. Getting the right gift for Dad, your brother, or boyfriend is challenging because it has to be functional, well made, masculine, and help him in a way he hasn’t thought about yet. So I complied a list of men’s basics, … Read more

8 Hilariously Awesome Christmas Sweater/Outfit Ideas for Guys

Gone are the days of winning an Ugly Christmas Sweater Competition simply by wearing one of your dad’s old Christmas sweaters and a pair of jeans. The competition is much fiercer these days, and it’s time to think outside the box and maybe even ditch the traditional ugly sweater if you really want to win … Read more

Let Country’s Biggest Stars Convince You To Take Part In No-Shave November This Year

It’s November and you know what that means: lots of dudes won’t be shaving. That’s right, it’s No-Shave November! This is more than an excuse for guys to grow bad beards and wispy mustaches. The heart behind the movement is that you would donate your monthly hair-maintenance expenses to organizations that help prevent, fight, and … Read more

12 Items Every Man Should Wear This Fall

Put away your polo’s and t-shirts … it’s fall, the best season for menswear. It’s the time of the year when layered looks and textured fabrics come into play. Below is a list of the 12 things every man should wear this fall. It’s basically a “Men’s Fall Fashion For Dummies.” 12 Items Every Man … Read more

Get Ready for Hunting Season by Avoiding These Hilarious Stereotypes

We are a still a long way out from hunting season, but it’s never too early to start getting ready. Some guys get ready by going on scouting trips, mending and updating equipment, or practicing shooting skills but few guys take a hard look at themselves. Every hunting crew has “that guy” who always acts … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Tries To Pull Off Russell Westbrook’s Style And Kind Of Does

Style is equal parts confidence and comfort. You have to like what you wear and then have the confidence to own it, no matter how “out there” you outfit might be. You just can’t care what people think. That’s Russell Westbrook, the NBA’s Most Valuable Player and fashion icon. That’s not late night talk show … Read more

Field & Stream’s Venison Patty Melt Will Make You Wonder Why You Ever Ate Beef Burgers

The patty melt is the holy union of grilled cheese sandwiches and burgers. It is simple, greasy, gooey, and completely satisfying. The recipe is simple– caramelized onions, good bread, cheese, butter, and meat– but life changing if you get it right. Field & Stream put a twist on the average patty melt by substituting the … Read more