12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free

The effort you put into your personal style impacts the impression you make to the world. And, believe-it-or-not, the smallest of changes can lead to big results. Here are twelve ways you improve your personal style — all for free. 12 Ways Men Can Improve Their Style — For Free: 1. Practice Good PostureImproving your … Read more

Tyler Farr Reviews Turkey Hunting Gear For The Grand Ole Opry (Wait, What?)

Tyler Farr recently sat in with the Grand Ole Opry for their Youtube series, “What’s In Your Bag.” The problem was it wasn’t his bag, rather, it was a hastily thrown together collection of random hunting supplies. Instead of revealing who Tyler Farr “really is” they got a hilarious impromptu review of scents, decoys, calls, … Read more

12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers

Of all the drinkers, whiskey drinkers make the best lovers— they’re mysterious, worldly and know how to captivate themselves to every audience. They strike the perfect balance of straight edge and crazy, which radiates sex-appeal. 12 Reason Whiskey Drinkers Make Better Lovers: 1. Whiskey drinkers help you appreciate the little things. Whiskey is a simple … Read more

20 Chivalrous Acts That Will Never Get Old, But Seem to Be Forgotten

Chivalry. It’s a word and a practice. So if there is one thing every man should learn, it’s how to be chivalrous. These acts of chivalry that — while a bit old-fashioned — are just as relevant today as they were one-hundred years ago. 20 Chivalrous Acts That Will Never Get Old: 1. Holding the … Read more

10 Reasons Why Every Man Should Dress Sharp

So what’s the incentive to dressing sharp? Believe-it-or-not, we make decisions about people within the first 3 seconds of meeting them. This means that before you even open your mouth you’ve been sized up and profiled. Knowing this, every man should always dress neatly, professionally, and appropriately. The fact is you never know who you … Read more

13 Things a Man First Notices About a Woman

When a woman walks in a room, men are suddenly armed with sleuth-like deduction skills. Time slows down and everything in the room becomes distorted and out of focus. We are left with our minds fully dedicated to calibrating and assessing the new woman at hand. 13 Things a Man First Notices About a Woman: … Read more

Jimmy Fallon Finally Got His Mustache And It’s Actually Pretty Amazing

Jimmy Fallon was once the fresh-faced kid on “Saturday Night Live” known for his song parodies and constant breaking. He has always been known as a young comedian, even now at 42. But now, Jimmy is going old school with a more manly look. “Mustache Jimmy” has entered the ring and he isn’t going anywhere … Read more

Men: Take Control Of Your Health During Men’s Health Week

This week is Men’s Health Week, a week specifically focused on raising awareness for men’s health issues. I have no idea who designates these awareness weeks, but think this one can do some real good. Most men assume they will be fine, that if they don’t think about health issues none will come their way. … Read more

The Ron Swanson Code, Advice Worth Living By

Here are a set of principles that Ron Swanson lived by. They are simple ways to be both a good citizen and an enjoyable person to be around. Glean what you can from them. 1. Eat red meatNumerous studies show that red meat is the best source of testosterone boosting nutrients such as zinc, iron, … Read more

14 Key Rules to Being a Modern Gentleman

There was a time when qualifying as a gentleman came down to little more than having right schooling and a good, firm handshake. But in today’s complex world of social media, hi-tech gadgetry and endlessly fluctuating trends, the modern man can be somewhat bewildered about what standards of gentleman behavior are required. 14 Key Rules … Read more