Top 10 Memorial Day Songs

Tim mcgraw performing memorial day

This Memorial Day as we cookout and celebrate a day off from work, take time to remember what the holiday is truly about. The last Monday in May is a time to remember those who lost their lives fighting for our country. For decades country artists have been honoring soldiers through song and given us … Read more

Craig Morgan Talks USO Tour, Plus the Message He Leaves With All Servicemen and Women (Exclusive)

In April, Army Veteran and country singer/songwriter Craig Morgan returned from his tenth USO tour where he visited seven countries over the span of eight days. Throughout that week, Craig was able to spend time with servicemen and women overseas by not only performing for and entertaining them, but by providing them with some incredibly … Read more

Brantley Gilbert Will Give A Service Dog To A Disabled Vet At Every Stop Of His New Tour

Brantley Gilbert is an outspoken champion for veterans. During his The Ones That Like Me Tour, he will do more than talk. Gilbert has teamed up with Pedigree and Disabled American Veterans to give away eight companion dogs to veterans suffering from the effects of PTSD. “Nothing helps heal like an animal’s love,” said Gilbert. “These dogs … Read more

Her Marine Boyfriend Had To Miss Prom So She Enlisted His Adorable Brother

You can’t pick your days off in the Marines. Gage Moak found that out the hard way when he had to tell his girlfriend, Skylar Fontaine, that he would have to miss her prom. But Fontaine found a stand-in who could fill her boyfriend’s shoes while not making him jealous: his 2-year-old brother Clay Jr. “I … Read more

A Texas Chick-Fil-A Answers The Call And Delivers To Hungry Soldiers In Iraq

I have never served in the military but I can imagine that military rations are nothing to write home about. U.S. Army 1st Lt. Jessie Guajardo would say the chicken is downright inedible. But he, like all military men, saw an opportunity where others saw a problem and found a way to lift the spirits … Read more

RaeLynn’s Husband Josh Is Her “Lonely Call”

RaeLynn’s latest single “Lonely Call” is actually about her husband. Surprising, since it’s about needing space from someone who only calls when they’re, to put it delicately, lonely. RaeLynn married Josh Davis in 2016, but they had dated previously and, as couples do, broke up. That’s when she wrote “Lonely Call.” On Feb. 13, 2017, … Read more

RaeLynn Supports Her Husband As He Graduates Infantry Training

RaeLynn is a proud Army Wife! The songstress joined her husband for an important milestone. “Turning Blue. So proud of my husband! Love you so much Joshua!” RaeLynn posted online. Her husband, Josh Davis, who entered basic training on Feb. 13, 2017, has earned his blue fourragère. “Proud #ArmyWife. Congrats to my amazing Husband on … Read more

RaeLynn Shares ‘Bittersweet’ Weekend With Her Husband After His Grandfather’s Death

Life has been different for RaeLynn and her husband Josh Davis since Feb. 13, 2017. That’s when Josh left Nashville for basic training, meaning that they would have limited contact for 9 weeks (at a minimum). Unfortunately, Josh’s grandfather died last week, which gave Josh and his Mrs. a bittersweet reunion. Josh was able to … Read more

RaeLynn Reunites With Her Husband, and I’m Over Here Bawling

On Feb. 13, 2017, RaeLynn said goodbye to her husband, Josh Davis, as he went off to basic training. More than two months later, they spent the weekend eating “Burgers, Hot Cheetos, Pound Cake” and drinking a ton of Starbucks. RaeLynn shared photos from their reunion. “Some people look up to their heroes,” RaeLynn wrote … Read more

RaeLynn Misses Her Husband and is Sharing the Sweetest Posts While He’s at Basic Training

On Feb. 13, 2017, RaeLynn said goodbye to her husband Josh Davis as he headed off to basic training. Over the past 9 weeks, she’s missed spending time with him and even talking to him, so she’s been posting the sweetest messages on social media. With four days to go, RaeLynn posted this sweet image … Read more

RaeLynn Shares Thoughtful Note With Fans, As Her Husband Josh Heads to Basic Training

RaeLynn shared a beautiful message about her husband on Valentine’s Day. The singer revealed that her husband, Joshua Davis, had left the day before (Feb. 13) for basic training. She posted the following note on social media: IMPORTANT: My husband has always supported me in everything that I’ve wanted to do, yesterday began a new … Read more

Randy Houser and Ekrich Partnered to Give $5,000 in Free Groceries To An Army Veteran

Randy Houser is all about supporting the military and it’s heroes. Surprising Adam Stead, a 9-year Army veteran, and his family, Houser gave them a $5,000 check for free groceries from Food Lion. “It was an honor to meet the Stead family and present them with a check for $5,000 in free groceries,” Houser said … Read more