Your New Favorite (And Easiest) Cocktail Recipe: The Redneck Royale

The Redneck Royale might be the easiest drink you’ll ever make. Seriously. All you need are two ingredients and a cup to make one (or two, no judgment here) for yourself. Redneck Royale Recipe: Ingredients: Miller High Life Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine Directions: Pour 1oz of Ole Smoky Blackberry Moonshine into your glass. Fill the … Read more

There Is Nothing Better Than Southern Grandparents Drinking Moonshine

You could have your grandparents try all of the newfangled technology in the world and get the same reactions. But if you really want to have fun, give them something that used to be illegal, something that doesn’t taste good but is associated with a lot of great stories. You got to give ’em moonshine. … Read more

Wake Up Faster With This Moonshine-Spiked Coffee Recipe

If you’re a big coffee-drinker, you understand the struggle of the caffeine immunity that comes along with it. The solution may just be adding an extra ingredient…AKA alcohol. Directions: 1. Brew a mug of your favorite coffee2. Add 1.25 oz of Butterscotch Moonshine3. Add Half-and-Half to your preference

People Try Moonshine for the First Time and React Exactly How You Would Imagine

Moonshine is a strong drink, there’s no way around it. And if you’ve never tried it, the aggressive flavor and ultra-high alcohol content can definitely be a bit surprising. With many moonshines having as much as 90 percent alcohol, this old-fashioned drink is not for everyone, and, as you’ll see in this video, people who … Read more

Legends of Southern Moonshine

It’s hard to imagine now but the U.S. government once thought making alcohol illegal would cure social problems. Not quite. Instead of solving problems, the 18th amendment created more, handing over the production and sale of alcohol to the black market where organized crime thrived. That doesn’t mean we can’t revere those who tested the … Read more