The Kid Who Tried To Lick The Camera Is Our Favorite Person At the Olympics Right Now

Kids are the best. To them, the world is all bright and fresh and new, so they simply react to it. No one has told them what is “appropriate” so we they simply act as themselves. Take, for example, the kid who tried to lick the camera during the Winter Olympics. Most people would just … Read more

This Artist Turned Disney Princesses Into Mothers and the Results are Perfection

While I love them, Disney movies tend to paint a wildly unrealistic picture of, well, everything. They turn falling in love into an easy, breezy affair, they turn beauty into a pore-less, rosy-cheeked face and, often, they skew motherhood into looking like evil stepmothers and unloving witches — honestly, really glad that one isn’t reality. … Read more

[Watch] Jimmy Kimmel Reads Texts From Moms

Technology is a gift. Technology allows us to connect with people all over the world– even moms. Especially moms. Jimmy Kimmel and his staffers use technology to connect with their mothers, so as a small to tribute to mothers everywhere, Kimmel’s staffers read text messages from their mothers. Giphy   Some messages were threatening, some … Read more