How To Get The Classic French Fade Nails

The French Fade, otherwise known as the Baby Boomer, is a classic nail art design. For people that don’t want something complicated or flashy, this is the way to go. It basically looks like your real nails, upgraded. This is perfect for those of us who are tired of our natural nails, but don’t want … Read more

Water Nail Art Is A Gorgeous Way To Decorate Your Nails

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Celebrate Valentine’s Day Early With These Easy And Adorable Nail Art Designs

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Are These $30 Holographic Nail Polishes Worth The Money?

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Start Valentine’s Day Early With Chrome Heart Nail Art

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and regardless of your relationship status, we’ve got some nails that will look gorgeous .These chrome heart nails celebrate love with gorgeous little chrome hearts, one decorated with calligraphy. They’re subtle enough to wear any time of year, but Singles Awareness Day makes for a perfect day to really … Read more

Water Marble Nail Art Is A Trend You Won’t Want To Miss Out On

We’ve seen a lot of nail art trends, but one of our favorites has to be water marble nail art. Made using your favorite nail polish dripped over water, it’s a technique that can produce gorgeous nails in seconds, once mastered. Unfortunately, it can seem kind of complicated to pull off the right look, and … Read more