10 Nail Trends That Will Have You and Your Style Springtime Ready

Spring is upon us and rather than going out and buying an entire new wardrobe, make a splash this season with any of these popular new nail trends. You’ll notice that this spring, a little splash color can go a long way. 10 Spring Nail Trends: 1. Cobalt Blue Blue Nails ?? stupendeeee @debodebby #BlueNails#VeronicaGraf#newcolor … Read more

Now You Can Paint Your Nails With Sharpies (and It’s Actually Really Cool)

I don’t know about you, but I hate spending my hard-earned money on nail polish — even if it’s cheap. So, in an attempt to avoid spending money on polish, I’ll typically, buy one bottle and use it on my fingers and toes until its bitter end — but, this can obviously get very boring. So, for a … Read more

The Secret to Painting Your Nails Without Getting Polish on Your Skin

Love having painted nails but have a not-so-steady hand? Good news: there’s a solution to your problem. Liquid Palisade, a peel-off polish barrier that you can apply on your skin around your entire nail, is going to be your new best friend and it can easily be found at your nearest Sephora or online — praises. Once … Read more

Negative Space Nail Art is So Cool We Want to Try it Like, Yesterday

Finally, a beauty trend we can actually get on board with. Negative space nail art consists of painting certain parts of your nails and leaving other parts of your nails bare, so your natural nail color shines through. There isn’t one specific technique to get the look, since there are so many different directions you can take … Read more

9 Patriotic Manicures For the Fourth of July

The Fourth of July is by far the most loved summer holiday! Families and friends gather to celebrate the birth of the USA with food, fun and fireworks. And everyone knows, you have to show your patriotism by wearing red, white and blue from the top of your head down to your toes. Just don’t … Read more