7 Ways Most Normal Humans Pick Their NCAA Tournament Brackets

“Beware the Madness of March.” — Julius Caesar And here we are again. That time of year when everyone from your neighbor to your ex-boyfriend’s sister to your actual friends have asked you to fill out a bracket and join their “pick ’em.” “Fine,” you say as you stare at the bracket and think, “Butler … Read more

2016 NCAA Tournament Bracket Picks Based on Notable Alumni

Every year at this time Americans everywhere are faced with the dilemma of filling out a bracket for the NCAA Men’s Tournament. And every year, individual Americans say this is their year and they are going to be the one in a billion bracket. Too many years fans have picked based on seeding, Las Vegas … Read more

Helpful Tips to Fill Out a Winning NCAA Tournament Bracket

If you live/work in a normal, everyday American environment, someone has asked you to fill out a Men’s NCAA Tournament bracket. Chances are, they’ve even asked you for money to accompany the bracket. If you’re in this situation, but feel a little clueless– use these tips. Top Left // Midwest Kentucky is currently 34-0 right … Read more

6 March Madness Recipes Better Than Any Perfect Bracket

Every year March rolls around (fact) and every year, March Madness comes roaring in promising glimpses of Cinderella, must-see shots, upsets and no perfect brackets. Well, this is the year to just forget the perfect bracket and focus on the food. Here are some March Madness recipes guaranteed to be better than any perfect bracket: … Read more