4 New Songs That the Men of Parmalee Want You to Hear

Parmalee‘s latest album, 27861, comes out on July 21 and we sat down with the boys to find out their four favorite songs from the project.

There’s a love song. A feel good song. A “this is who we are” song. And, of course, a drinking song. Each member of the band tells us their favorite:

1. Matt Thomas — “Hot Damalama” — “I was actually cooking a fried bologna sandwich when I came up with the melody.”

2. Barry Knox — “American Nights” –– “It’s not really a love song. It’s not about a girl. It’s about us, people in America. What we’re doing in our town is what you’re doing in your town.”

3. Josh McSwain — “Guy Meets a Girl” — “It’s a cool story song.”

4. Scott Thomas — “Mimosas” — Can’t beat it. All the ladies will love. It’s got this cool groove to it.

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