Carrie Underwood Responds to an Invitation to New Kids on the Block’s “House Party”

Carrie Underwood joins new kids on the block house party video

If you’ve ever been to a Carrie Underwood concert, you know the talented songbird can also shake her tail feathers. Even if you haven’t been to a show, you may have seen the coordination she exhibits in one of the commercial spots for her Calia by Carrie Underwood fitness apparel. But girlfriend is totally busting … Read more

New Kids on the Block Are Back with Addictive New Music Video For “Boys in the Band” [WATCH]

New Kids on the Block new Video The Boys in the band

You have to give credit to anyone who can poke a little fun at themselves. And New Kids on the Block are doing just that in their new music video for their song “Boys in the Band (Boy Band Anthem.)” Released on Friday (March 1), NKOTB members Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood, Joey McIntyre and brothers Jordan … Read more

New Kids On The Block’s Jonathan Knight Lands HGTV Show

New Kids On The Block is headed to HGTV! Okay, not the entire boy band (unfortunately)— but one of their leading fellas is! According to a press release from Discovery, Inc., New Kids On The Block’s Jonathan Knight has landed a pilot episode on HGTV for a new show, “Farmhouse Fixer.” The episode will follow Jonathan as … Read more

Mom Flips Out During A New Kids On The Block Concert and the Pictures are Amazing

Whether it’s the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, Sam Hunt, or Justin Bieber you have that one artist that you would “literally die” if they touched you during a concert. Your mother is the same way. Just look at the New Kids On the Block tour– NKOTB was the One Direction/Bieber of the ’90s, and they are … Read more

Carrie Underwood Got Serenaded on Stage By the New Kids on the Block and She Couldn’t Even

Few people on Earth love the New Kids on the Block the way Carrie Underwood loves them. But, the New Kids might love Carrie just as much. During a show inside Carrie’s second Nashville home– Bridgestone Arena, the best boy band of all-time, invited Carrie on stage to sing Happy Birthday to Jordan Knight. She … Read more

7 New Kids on the Block Videos You Should Watch Right Now

Long before Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter took over the heart of every girl in the world in the late ’90s and early aughts, the New Kids on the Block had the rightest, right stuff. Without NKOTB there would be no Backstreet Boys, no dirty pop and the temperature would’ve never hit 98 Degrees. The … Read more

Joey McIntyre Still Has His “Right Stuff” Dance Moves and My Heart is Still Skipping a Beat

I don’t know about you, but long before Justin Timberlake or Nick Carter came onto the scene, I was all about some Joey McIntyre and New Kids on the Block. Really, JT, for me, never held up against Joey, but that’s just one woman’s opinion. The other day, Joey was on “Live With Kelly,” where … Read more

New Kids on the Block Performed on “The Late Late Show” and We Should Talk About It

I was a teenage girl at the height of the boy band craze in the late ’90s and early 2000s. But, no matter how hard I tried I could never get on bored with the Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC or even 98 Degrees, because my heart already knew the truth– New Kids on the Block were … Read more

5 Weirdest Super Bowl Halftime Performances

Performing at the Super Bowl is usually a crowning achievement in a performer’s career, not to mention fans look forward to the performance almost as much as the game. Some of the most iconic performances of the last 30 years have taken place during halftime of the Super Bowl and so have some of the … Read more

Carrie Underwood Spends the Evening Being Serenaded by New Kids on the Block

If you grew up absolutely loving New Kids on the Block, you aren’t alone– Carrie Underwood is also a huge NKOTB fan! During a Nashville tour stop for the original boy band, Carrie was a total fan-girl and was able to live out every fan’s dream: a personal serenade by Joey Joey McIntyre (the original … Read more