Willie Nelson Still Isn’t Dead After Another Hoax Sweeps the Internet

Willie Nelson is alive! Rejoice! This morning, I saw someone post on Facebook that Willie Nelson had died over the weekend. My heart stopped. Not Willie! The person who posted this wasn’t someone to post things without checking them out. Heck, he managed Tammy Wynette back in the day. He was a credible source. Except … Read more

Connie Britton Shares Touching Note About Her ‘Nashville’ Dad After Powers Boothe’s Death

Connie Britton shares touching note about Powers Boothe following his death. Boothe passed away of natural causes at the age of 68, CNN reports.Connie, who played Rayna James on “Nashville,” then posted a sweet note about the actor, who played her character’s father, Lamar Wyatt, one of the resident baddies. “Family. Dysfunctional as it was,” … Read more