Kim Goldman Pays Tribute to Late Brother Ron Goldman on His Birthday— “You Would Have Turned 51 Today”

Kim Goldman tribute to brother Ron Goldman on Birthday

Kim Goldman is remembering her big brother Ron Goldman on his 51st birthday with a loving note to the man who was taken too soon from her life. Ron Goldman was murdered 25 years ago on June 12, 1994 with Nicole Brown Simpson shortly before his 26th birthday. Now, 25 years later and on what … Read more

This TV Show Watched the OJ Simpson Parole Hearing with Kato Kaelin

As someone who’s always looking for a different angle, I get it– how does one report on OJ Simpson’s parole hearing and make it interesting? Well, if you’re “Entertainment Tonight,” you call up Kato Kaelin and watch the hearing with him. You also film it. Of course, Kaelin had opinions, but mostly he just thought … Read more

5 Worst/Most Hilarious Commercials Featuring NFL Players

All professional athletes are terrible actors, right? Shaq had “Kazaam,” Michael Jordan had “Space Jam.” It turns out people who have dedicated their entire lives to becoming great at one thing tend to be complete oafs when it comes to portraying human emotions. This is what makes product endorsements so particularly bad for pro athletes. … Read more