Olympic Boxer George Foreman Mourns Daughter’s Death— “Just One More Day I Wanted”

George Foreman mourns death of daughter Freeda 2

Throughout his life and career, world heavyweight champion and Olympic gold medalist George Foreman was built to be tough. But this is not the time for the boxer to be tough. Instead, this is the time for the boxer to mourn. “Daddy I want to Box, “Get an Education first” I said,” Foreman wrote on … Read more

Bode Miller’s Wife Morgan Shares Story of Hope After Daughter’s Death

Back in June, U.S. Olympian Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, lost their daughter in a tragic drowning accident in a neighbor’s swimming pool. Months later, they welcomed a baby boy, shedding a little light on their darkest days. Now, Morgan is sharing a chilling and touching story of how she managed to find hope … Read more

Olympian Michael Phelps Opens Up On Battle With Depression

Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps’ life has been filled with record-breaking success throughout the years. Yet, it has also been filled with days in which his own depression took over. “From time to time, I’ll have bad days where I do go into a depression state,” Phelps says in an interview on the Today show on … Read more

Bode Miller and Wife Morgan Welcome Son Four Months After Daughter’s Death

Earlier this summer, U.S. Olympic Skier Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, went through the unthinkable when their 19-month-old daughter Emeline drowned in a neighbor’s pool. Now, they’ve welcomed new life into their family with the addition of a sweet baby boy, born October 5. “Exactly one month before Emmy’s 2nd birthday…the sun rose and they … Read more

Bode Miller and Wife Morgan Open Up About Daughter’s Tragic Drowning: “It Just Happens in the Blink of an Eye”

Just over a month after the devastating drowning of their 19-month-old daughter Emeline, Olympic skier Bode Miller and wife Morgan Beck Miller are opening up about the tragedy, and just what they want other parents to know so it doesn’t happen to them. “It’s unbelievably quick,” Bode says in a preview of an interview done … Read more

U.S. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte Suspended From Competing for 14 Months Over Controversial Photo

Wherever there is trouble, there is usually Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte. And this time, the trouble he’s in is going to keep him from doing the thing he loves the most – competitive swimming. The United States Anti-Doping Agency announced on Monday (July 23) that Lochte has been suspended from all competitive swimming due to … Read more

Bode Miller’s Wife Speaks Out on Daughter’s Drowning: “I Pray to God no Other Parent Feels This Pain”

On June 10, 2018, U.S. Olympic Skier Bode Miller and his wife, Morgan, lost their 19-month-old daughter Emmy after she drowned in a nearby pool. “We are beyond devastated,” Miller wrote on his Instagram page on Monday (June 11) alongside pictures of his dear daughter. “Our baby girl, Emmy, passed away yesterday. Never in a … Read more

U.S. Olympic Skier Bode Miller Mourns the Death of 19-Month-Old Daughter: “We Are Beyond Devastated”

Tragedy struck the family of Olympic Skier Bode Miller on Sunday (June 10) when his daughter Emeline Grier Miller drowned in a pool in the neighborhood of Coto de Caza, California. She was just 19 months old. “We are beyond devastated,” Miller wrote on his Instagram page on Monday (June 11) alongside pictures of his … Read more

Of Course, Figure Skater Adam Rippon Was Amazing During “Dancing With the Stars” Premiere

It only took a few seconds of “Sissy That Walk” by RuPaul to introduce Adam Rippon‘s dancing career to the world on “Dancing With the Stars” with partner Jenna Johnson. In case anyone has forgotten, Adam stole the world’s hearts this winter competing as America’s first openly gay athlete in the Olympics as a figure … Read more

Tonya Harding Tried to Teach Producer Andy from “The Ellen Show” How to Skate and You Might Like Tonya Harding Now

Since 1994, Tonya Harding has been the butt of every Olympic joke imaginable after her ex-husband and a counterpart clubbed Nancy Kerrigan’s knee outside of the US Figure Skating Championship prior to the Olympic Games in Lillehammer. Eventually, Tonya was found guilty of trying to hinder the investigation into the attack and was banned from … Read more

A Squirrel Almost Ruined This Olympic Snowboarder’s Life

Typically, squirrels aren’t life-threatening. But, if you’re a snowboarder riding down a mountain at high speeds during the Winter Olympics, then yes, squirrels are life-threatening. But, luckily, Austrian snowboarder Daniela Ulbing narrowly missed hitting the squirrel and seemed to not even see it. Ulbing went on to win her qualifying heat in parallel giant slalom, … Read more

Olympic Superstar Chloe Kim Got A Big Surprise From Jimmy Fallon And We Could Not Love Her More

Jimmy Fallon is the greatest person to break great news. His super-friend level care for his guests makes him ideal. Just imagine finding our some of the biggest news of your life while Jimmy Fallon says, “We love you! You’re awesome! America loves you!” It would be pretty amazing. Chloe Kim, the snowboarding gold medalist … Read more