The New Taxa Mantis Camper is Here to Fulfill Your Camping Dreams [GIVEAWAY CLOSED]

I don’t know about you, but I love being outside and if I ruled the world, every day would be sunny and 75 degrees. Growing up in the Ozarks, I spent many of my weekends in the woods, in a creek or on the trails enjoying what is arguably the best of nature. Despite this, … Read more

This Monster Lawnmower Will Clear Your Yard In No Time And Scare Your Neighbors

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Luke Bryan Teaching Son To Shoot Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll See Today

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Get Ready for Hunting Season by Avoiding These Hilarious Stereotypes

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Bass Pro Just Bought Cabela’s For $4B And Now Rules The Outdoors Galaxy

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s have similar roots: both started as mom-and-pop small businesses selling fishing gear in the 1960s. In the 50 years since, both have grown into enormous, billion dollar revenue outdoor chains. But, as of today, these two heartland chains are no longer competitors. Bass Pro Shops has just announced it has … Read more

Watching Kellie Pickler Noodling Is Sure To Brighten Your Day

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Julianne Hough Marries Her Longtime Fiance In A Picturesque Outdoor Wedding

Julianne Hough was married in a small ceremony to professional hockey player Brooks Laich on Saturday on the shores of the lake at the Coeur d’Alene Resort in Idaho. Idaho may not seem to be the exotic destination one would have thought for the two celebrities, but just look at the view. According to People … Read more

26 Items on the Ultimate Camping Checklist

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10 Flowers You Couldn’t Kill If You Tried

Okay, so not all of us have green thumbs. Everyone wants a beautiful garden, but if you’re gardening-challenged, you’re lucky just to have a garden at all in the summer. Wilted, unhappy plants are just your gardening life, and leaving the sprinkler system on constantly just doesn’t seem to help. For these kind of challenges, … Read more