Thomas Rhett Takes Dad-ing to Whole New Level With Floral Baby Backpack

Thomas Rhett’s life has just changed. Yes, he does have two infant daughters (which changes a lot) but I’m not talking about that. He just discovered the beauty and joy of a baby backpack. If you are a parent, you understand the struggle of only having one arm (if any) free around active kiddos. But … Read more

Mom Makes Some New Friends While Her Daughter Is In Orientation And Goes Viral

Orientation has never been described as fun. Orientation at work is code for “lots of paperwork.” College orientation is an introduction to the awkwardness that is freshman year of college. But if you think you’ve got it bad, imagine how your parents feel. They have to sit through meetings with you that don’t even apply … Read more

NPR Complied The Ultimate List Of Over 350 Dad Jokes, Children Across The World Respond, “Ugh, DAAAAD!”

The perfect Dad joke is not meant to be funny. Laughter is a happy but unnecessary byproduct. While they are clever combination of word play and situational comedy all rolled into a teachable moment, a Father has not delivered a good “Dad Joke” until everyone in the room groans and rolls their eyes. It is … Read more