3 Pieces of Parenting Advice from Jennifer Nettles

During Jennifer Nettles most recent appearance on “Today,” Jennifer Nettles told Matt Lauer that her song Magnus is a bit of a three-nager. And the secret to parenting is all about taking risks, evolving and growing. Later, she told Hoda and Kathie Lee that her son is almost the exact opposite her, “He’s all boy…totally … Read more

The One April Fools ‘Joke’ That Isn’t Funny

One of the most common April Fools’ Day ‘jokes’ of late has been announcing a false pregnancy on Facebook. While it may be fun to see your Aunt Bertha lose her grip in the comments section, for many people a pregnancy announcement is not a joke. Among my close friends, I can count two are … Read more

3 Parenting Tips from Korie and Willie Robertson

Sure, you can learn a lot about hunting and cooking from the Robertson family, but you can learn even more from Korie and Willie Robertson; Like how to raise five kids without any major mishaps. Korie, the working mother of five has just written a new book to encourage other parents. “Strong and Kind: And Other Important … Read more