6 Best Fake Songs from TV Shows That Should’ve Been Mega-Hits

Thanks to shows like “Nashville” and “Empire,” made-for-television music has seen an upswing in recent years. The songwriting for those shows is done by actual, real-life songwriters, which means they end up being really catchy and well-written. But, what about those other songs? You know, the ones from Uncle Jesse. I think these songs could … Read more

Nick Offerman Sings About His One True Love: Whiskey

If you’re familiar with Nick Offerman’s character on “Park and Rec,” Ron Swanson, you’ll know it’s hard to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction. They are not the same person, though Ron and Nick have a lot in common, like– mustaches and a shared love for masculinity, woodworking and, of course, whiskey. To remember his one … Read more