Chris Pratt’s List of 9 Life Rules From the MTV Movie & TV Awards Are Words To Live By

Chris Pratt Generation award

When Chris Pratt accepted the 2018 MTV Movie & TV Award Generation Award, given to actors for their great achievement in movies, on Sunday night, we had no idea he would leave the world with 9 important life rules. The actor/comedian is known for his sense of humor, so when giving his acceptance speech, nine … Read more

Nick Offerman Goes Undercover To Rate Ron Swanson Tattoos And Fix His Wikipedia

Nick Offerman is no friend of the Internet. He’s no enemy either. It’s just, well, he doesn’t care. He claims to be “bad at opening laptops” which, if you want to use a computer, is not even step number one. So what would happen if Mr. Offerman created Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Quora, YouTube, and Reddit … Read more

Life Imitated Art When “Parks And Recreation” Actor Adam Scott Cooked Calzones In Italy

Every “Parks And Recreation” fan knows that Ben Wyatt was an unparalleled innovator when it came to fast casual Italian dining. Sure, your grandfather may love pizza but the pizza of the future is calzones– a portable food that is its own container. That stunning culinary creation has been relegated to “Idiotville, over on Bad … Read more

The Ron Swanson Code, Advice Worth Living By

Here are a set of principles that Ron Swanson lived by. They are simple ways to be both a good citizen and an enjoyable person to be around. Glean what you can from them. 1. Eat red meatNumerous studies show that red meat is the best source of testosterone boosting nutrients such as zinc, iron, … Read more

Amy Poehler and Nick Offerman Reunite for New NBC Show and You Can Be On It

This is a day for celebration! Everyone to JJ’s, waffles are on me! ‘Parks & Recreation’ alums Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson) and Amy Poehler (Leslie Knope) are reuniting for a new NBC reality series called ‘The Handmade Project’. Think Top Chef but for crafts: instead of serious chefs critiquing your hollandaise, Ron Swanson and Leslie … Read more

Chris Pratt Once Got Into a Ton of Trouble for Getting Naked on the “Parks and Recreation” Set

Apparently, Chris Pratt likes taking off his clothes. “I’ve spent a good amount of time naked,” he told Graham Norton. While a lot of that time has been during his personal life, some of it has been on the “Parks and Recreation” set. “I play this guy who is dimwitted and guileless but a real … Read more