Parmalee Release New Song “Down Town” to Raise Money for Hurricane Relief

North Carolina natives Parmalee were glued to their TVs as Hurricane Florence pounded down on their home state and South Carolina last month. Following the storm’s devastation, the country act knew they wanted to do something to help those stranded so frontman Matt Thomas wrote a song called “Down Town” where all the proceeds will … Read more

Parmalee Explain Their ‘27861’ Album Title

What the heck does 27861 mean? We sat down with Parmalee to get to the bottom of it. The gentleman of Parmalee sat down with us and gave a very simple explanation. “New album is that is the zip code to Parmalee, North Carolina, where we started the band,” says Matt Thomas. “We all have … Read more

4 New Songs That the Men of Parmalee Want You to Hear

Parmalee‘s latest album, 27861, comes out on July 21 and we sat down with the boys to find out their four favorite songs from the project.

There’s a love song. A feel good song. A “this is who we are” song. And, of course, a drinking song. Each member of the band tells us their favorite:

1. Matt Thomas — “Hot Damalama” — “I was actually cooking a fried bologna sandwich when I came up with the melody.”

2. Barry Knox — “American Nights” –– “It’s not really a love song. It’s not about a girl. It’s about us, people in America. What we’re doing in our town is what you’re doing in your town.”

3. Josh McSwain — “Guy Meets a Girl” — “It’s a cool story song.”

4. Scott Thomas — “Mimosas” — Can’t beat it. All the ladies will love. It’s got this cool groove to it.

Parmalee Thank You for Listening to Their New Tune “Sunday Morning”

As Parmalee get ready to release their new album, 27861, they’re grateful that fans are listening to the project’s first single. “Sunday Morning,” which was written by the group’s Matt Thomas and songwriters Ross Copperman and Josh Osborne. “It’s like my favorite song right now to play live,” Matt told One Country. “People are clapping … Read more

Jake Owen and Parmalee Team Up for Party-Themed “Christmas Spirits” Video

Just in time for Christmas, Jake Owen and country group Parmalee have released their lively, party themed “Christmas Spirits” video. Now, when I first saw the title “Christmas Spirits,” I assumed that it would be about Christmas cheer, or Christmas joy, or even like, Christmas ghosts — but it’s literally about alcohol. Throughout the video, … Read more

Parmalee: Close Your Eyes

If you’re sad that summer is quickly dwindling away, you’ll love Parmalee’s new video for “Close Your Eyes.” The video features everyone’s favorite summertime activities: friends, the sun, a giant slip-n-slide and of course, romance! The song is sweet and simple and the video brings it to life with a party and glow sticks. This … Read more

CMA Music Festival Announces Performers of Free Daily Concerts

The Chevrolet Riverfront Stage has long been a CMA Music Festival fan favorite. This stage is the setting of a 4-day series of free concerts that will take place Thursday, June 5 through Sunday, June 8 at 10:00am each day. Located in Nashville’s Riverfront Park, the shows are open to the public and are one of … Read more