Lorde Covered Phil Collins’ “In The Air Tonight” and It Was the Greatest, Spookiest Thing Ever

Happy Halloween, pop music aficionados and fans of drum solos. It’s that time of the year again where you remember the man, the myth, the legend Phil Collins and his masterpiece, “In The Air Tonight” from 1981. Lorde, non-squad member, but supposed BFF of Old Taylor (Swift), took the BBC Radio Live Lounge to put … Read more

[Listen] Country Air Podcast, Episode 4: Some Songs Just Need A Sequel

During this episode of the podcast we discuss a few songs so rich in a story, that we can’t help but wonder– what happened after the song ended? Did Fancy really become a great woman? If Papa was in the pen and Mama was in the graveyard, where did the kids go? Some songs just … Read more

Phil Collins Finally Shared the Real Story Behind “In The Air Tonight”

Some things in life are unexplainable. One of those things for me is my deep, deep love for all things Phil Collins. My love for Phil (and Genesis) started late in life, but luckily he has a list of hit songs to get most of people through a couple of lifetimes. I have an iTunes … Read more