Instagram’s Favorite Pie Maker Will Leave You In Awe And Your Mouth Watering

I always overlook the presentation of food. Every time a meal is placed in front of a person, they stare at their plate and immediately evaluate whether it is good or not. This is why it’s so frustrating cooking something you have seen on the Food Network: it doesn’t look as good as it did … Read more

How To Make Extra-Flaky Vodka Pie Crust

What’s better than pie? Pie made with an extra-flaky vodka crust, that’s what! With Thanksgiving literally right around the corner, it’s high-time to start planning your menu and putting together your to-do list— and what would Thanksgiving be without pie? An abomination. This pie crust recipe is easy to follow and makes a perfectly flaky … Read more

Science Has Gone Too Far With Clear Pumpkin Pie

There’s a scene in Jurassic Park that applies to a lot of the news today. A group of scientists are sitting around a dining table in the park celebrating the resurrection of prehistoric life. Except for one man: Dr. Ian Malcolm payed by Jeff Goldblum. He thinks that giving new life to dinosaurs is a … Read more

Rocky Road Pie Recipe

Love chocolate? Also not super into baking? This Rocky Road Pie might be the recipe for you. Although technically a ‘cheesecake’ as it requires no baking, you don’t have to be a huge cheesecake-lover to enjoy it, mostly thanks to all the chocolate and gooey marshmallows. All you have to do is whip together cream … Read more

This Samoa Girl Scout Cookie Pie Recipe will Change Your Life For the Better

Girl Scout Cookies are little gifts from Heaven that we dream about all year long. Whether you’re a Thin Mint, Tagalong or Samoa kind of person, there’s just something about those little cookies that make your mouth water and temporarily (or permanently) forget your diet. Instagram photo by ?? Cuban Human In Georgia ? • … Read more